Wrinkles + Laser Hair Removal

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Does Laser Hair Removal Above Upper Lip Cause Premature Wrinkling.

I have heard that it affects the glands and promotes smoker like wrinkles. I would also like to ask after each treatment and the following days do you... READ MORE

Wrinkles and Pits on Skin After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

I have a skin type of 3 and had a single laser hair removal treatment of the whole face with Alexandrite 755 laser. After that I notice small pits in... READ MORE

Does Laser hair Removal Cause Wrinkles and Small Holes if I'm Sun Tanned?

I did a laser hair removal session for my face when i was sun tanned recently...after 1 month i recognised that my face is some how wrinkled and some... READ MORE

Can getting laser hair removal make your pubic area wrinkled or turn it darker?

I want to get laser hair removal on my pubic area, but I am worried about the laser wrinkling my skin or making it darker. I am pale with very dark... READ MORE

Laser hair removal fine lines under eyes?

I had laser hair removal treatment and on my face (not eye areA) but now I have a lot of fine lines/wrinkles damaged skin under my eyes? And I haven't... READ MORE

Products to get rid of wrinkled, darkened bikini area caused by laser treatments.

I am having a laser hair removal treatment for my bikini line and verginal area since 5 months.. i had few burns and the area is totally gone darker... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal (Mistakenly Used on the Highest Level) Caused Deep Lines in the Corner of my Lips?

Laser hair removal (mistakenly used on the highest level) caused deeeep lines in the corner of my lips, 3 on each side. My fault, I went to a cheap... READ MORE

Lightsheer Cause Wrinkles?

Does Lightsheer laser cause wrinkles if set on a high heat setting? I feel I have wrinkes on my forehead and under my eyes a little too. It was said... READ MORE

Does the skin of a lasered vagina become hard or wrinkly through time?

I've read so much all over the internet about the bads of laser hair removal of the vagina that i'm starting to question my decision. Pubic hair... READ MORE

Could Alexandrit Laser Damage my Chin Skin? Its Not Smooth Any More Its Wrinkled.

First 3 procedures was with out problems. On 4 procedure doctor increased laser power from 16 kJ to 18 kJ. This time was different on chin there was... READ MORE

Why is it that I cannot use my Silk'n laser hair removal device to reduce facial wrinkles?

I see that new laser home device on Tv adds and it looks like it gives the same laser beam that my hair removal one. I thought they are the same kind... READ MORE

Wrinkle after laser hair removal. Pic on the left is the day I noticed it. Pic on right is yesterday. (Photo)

I know doctors are going to say that this is impossible after LHR but it isn't. This happened, period. I had absolutely no lines or wrinkles on my... READ MORE

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