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Best Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair on the Nose?

Whatis the best way for me to remove hair growing on the nose (not in the nose)? Electrolysis or  nd:yag or IPL? Some of the hairs are dark but... READ MORE

Small white boils/pimples after laser hair removal? (photos)

After my first laser hair removal session on my face I noticed small white boils/pimples on the treated areas (side burns, chin, neck). The hair was... READ MORE

I have thick dark hair and my skin is white. Why my diode laser hair removal is not so effective?

After my first session, i saw a large difference.. Hair fell off. After the second, less hair fell off. After the third nothing fell off although i... READ MORE

Which Laser Hair Removal Machine is Best for my Skin is White color and dark hair?

Could you please advise me that which Laser Machine is best for white color skin (not too white) and dark hair as I got consultation with Laser... READ MORE

Are these hypopigmentation spots ever going to fade?? (photos)

Hi, i got laser hair removal done on both my arms 3 weeks ago, and unfortunately, i got burned. The spots at first were dark, but they peeled off and... READ MORE

Laser hair removal , I was burned now I have white circles, will these go away? (photos)

Laiser hair removal , i was burned now i have white circles, will these go away? what should i do? the lighting is bad where the burns are red was 2... READ MORE

Why do i have white itchy bumps after my first diode laser hair removal treatment? (photos)

I've just received my first laser hair removal session Friday. The next day he said I could shave. So I did. All was well in the morning but as the... READ MORE

I'm a 55 year old female with a beard - will Laser Hair Removal work for me?

I've got thick black/ white hair from neck to chin and sideburns & the corners of my mouth.A beard that if left unshaven for 1 day will show heavy... READ MORE

Is the home laser treatment suitable for dark bikini area (got dark but original skin is not)?

My normal skin color is not white not dark, suitable for normal laser hair removal treatment. but my bikini got so much darker than my rest of the... READ MORE

Chin hair laser removal after first treatment.

I got my chin hair first treatment 6 days ago , nothing felt out , the hair grew bigger and even more then it was on the day of treatment . I have a... READ MORE

White marks on my arms after laser treatment. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have white marks on my both arms after 1 session of laser treatment. I was told that they would go away however after a month later I still have... READ MORE

Are these white bumps normal? Any treatment? (photos)

I did my 2nd laser hair removal 2 days ago (chest and stomach). First one went really well. Redness was gone after 2 days. But after my second... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal cause hair to permanently turn white?

I have had Brazilian laser hair removal and have noticed hair turning white and not falling out. Can this sometimes happen? I hate the way t looks READ MORE

I get a clear/white facial hair in all different spots and they hurt. What can in be?

I get a clear/white facial hair in all different spots and they hurt. If I pluck them they typically have a ball or shard of protein built up and pain... READ MORE

Laser Burn on Labia. Will It Remain White? (photo)

This is how my labia looks like 5 days after laser hair removal nd yag machine. Will this heal and get back to a darker colour? READ MORE

I had laser hair removal yesterday and since I have red marks. Will they leave white marks as scar?

I had my fourth laser session yestarday and this has never happened before. The marks cover my whole leg, i dont know if they are burns or not...... READ MORE

What are these white, slightly raised spots on laser area? (photos)

I noticed that I have developed these white spots on my pubic area after my 3rd treatment of laser hair removal(full bikini). On the 4th treatment, I... READ MORE

White patches after 15 days of laser hair removal. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had laser hair removal on 1st of July. I got burnt on my shoulders. At first there were dark spots, they peeled off and now there are white... READ MORE

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