Treatment Time + Laser Hair Removal

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What Happen if I Use Laser Hair Removal in Less Than Two Weeks Interval Session? Does It Have Any Bad Effect?

What Happen if I Use Laser Hair Removal in Less Than Two Weeks Interval Session? Does It Have Any Bad Effect? READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Upper Lip? I'm Indian.

How many sessions will it take? what wil be the cost and how many days it wil take...... READ MORE

No Hair Growth After First Laser Treatment. When Should I Go Back?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my legs and arm pits 10 weeks ago and the hair still has not grown back. When should I go back for my... READ MORE

Time Between Treatments For Laser Hair Removal?

I am getting Laser hair removal for my cheekbone area. The skin is light and the hair is thick and dark. Each laser session is supposed to be at least... READ MORE

How Long Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Also, are there various settings on the laser removal lasers? I have a sneaking suspicion that the operator I have chose is using a lighter setting in... READ MORE

When Should I Stop Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

I'v been 10 times since Dec. 2007 for laser treatments and been using Light Sheer. First 8 sessions were after 6 weeks regularly and last two in... READ MORE

Facial and Neck Laser Hair Removal Treatment Time.

Hi, my 18 year old daughter is having a facial and neck laser hair removal treatment. how long each session should take as this is her fourth one. The... READ MORE

How to give normal look to the side logs of my face after laser hair removal?

Actually im takin laser hair removal treatment for my face ( side logs and chin area ) after taking treatment its looks like that i had shavin on my... READ MORE

How long is a laser hair removal session for the whole body?

In one session, how long would it take to remove hair from the entire body? READ MORE

Is it best to wait until all hair has regrown before a 2nd treatment of Laser Hair Removal? Or can I go earlier?

I bought 5 sessions (everything from waste down) and I need to do it every 5 weeks, cause I am moving out of country.Now, 4 weeks after, I would like... READ MORE

Can I Do a Laser Hair Removal During the Vacation?

I want to go to lebanon during the vacation to do a laser hair removal. But I will stay there for only 2 months. So can I do a laser hair removal... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Laser Hair Removal Appointment to Be Spread 4-8 Weeks, then 3 Months then 5 Months?

Hi, I have been going to laser hair removal treatments from June on my face and neck area. I have alot of hair. At first, appointments were scheduled... READ MORE

Left With Dark Thick Streaks of Hair Across His Back After Sciton Laser? (photo)

My Husband Has Had 6 Treatments on His Entire Back Using the Sciton Laser. The Technician Has Always Gotten Him in and out in less than 5 minutes. He... READ MORE

Should I try laser again? New laser vs old? & what should then treatment timeframe be?

I have light/olive skin. I have done laser with Lightsheer for my underarms & bikini. My last treatment was 5 years ago. I have various random hairs... READ MORE

White spots after laser burn with Cynosure Elite, will Vitix and Elocome help to heal this? (photos)

I have got my leg and tummy burnt a month ago during the second session of hair removal with Cynosure Elite laser. I used Mebo cream, the burns healed... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis. Recommendations For Scalp Hair Removal?

I'm looking for permanent hair removal for entire of my scalp, I'm not get hair loss so I have thought carefully about this. I don't know... READ MORE

I want to know more about magma laser for hair removal

Is it painfree and how many treatments one need for effective results READ MORE

Can I Wait Til the 7th Week To Get My Fourth Treatment Of Laser Diode Hair Removal and Not on the 5th Week?

I have done three session of my face .but I have noticed that dark hair gone 50% and small baby black hair grown there.I am little worried that laser... READ MORE

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