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Length of Time Between Laser Hair Treatments

A few laser practioners I have been to have given me conflicting advice about the length of time I should wait between treatments. Some say 4-5 weeks... READ MORE

During treatments for a Brazilian laser hair removal can you be sexually active?

Or are you not able to and have to wait until the treatments are done? READ MORE

Excessive sweating and odor after laser hair removal treatment?

I'm nearly done with the laser treatment to remove armpit hair, it's almost all gone now but lately I've noticed I've been sweating a lot more and the... READ MORE

How to give normal look to the side logs of my face after laser hair removal?

Actually im takin laser hair removal treatment for my face ( side logs and chin area ) after taking treatment its looks like that i had shavin on my... READ MORE

Is it common for laser hair removal treatment to cause pain/discomfort to teeth with silver fillings?

Recently had my first treatment. I was not prepared for the discomfort I felt in my teeth each time the laser "zapped" my skin. (I have fillings... READ MORE

Treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

I am 20 years old and have had HS since I was at least 14, when I finally asked the doctor what it was they sent me to the dermatologist. My... READ MORE

Does one laser treatment permanently remove hair?

Hi- I've been doing laser hair removal on my face for the past year but my last session was a nightmare. The technician accidentally burnt off a... READ MORE

Will my ingrown hair be completely gone after laser hair removal? (Photo)

I have received 2 sessions of laser hair removal and these two treatments were done without removing my ingrown hair. The nurse said it will make the... READ MORE

How many hair removal treatments do I need to get rid of my chest hair if i have pili multigemini?

I have pili multigemini on my chest hair and basically everywhere in my body but what conserns me most is my chest because it itches me alot and... READ MORE

What treatment/laser would you recommend to remove dark facial hair (chin, upper lip, jawline) on a Caucasian female?

Does it really matter if it's a female or male? And also - rough cost estimate please. Thank you for your time! READ MORE

Does a Laser Hair Removal Machine Only Remove Hair or Does It Have Other Purposes As Well?

I've heard of other laser treatments that can treat fine lines, sun damage, red spots and so on. So my quesion really is does one laser have to... READ MORE

How long to set laser treatments for back of neck hairline?

I have had laser hair removal on the back of my hairline. After the first treatment, I thought it was permanently gone (no hair growth for at least... READ MORE

Widows peak Laser Hair Removal?? Will I have a shadow once the treatment is done?

I have a widows peak which I would like to have lasered off. I have medium coarse hair and white skin. I'd like to know after completing treatment,... READ MORE

Should my treated hair be shedding?

I had my first laser hair removal 3 days ago on full leg.... I only experienced a tingling feeling in about 5% of total area done. I shaved prior and... READ MORE

Better for olive skin; Sharplight Omnimax vs. Soprano XL (or ice)?

Hello I spend 12 treatments on hair removal with Soprano xl and ice and I did not see much difference in the hair growth on my face. I have now... READ MORE

Can I tan by the pool while getting laser hair removal?

I'm in the process of getting laser hair removal (just had my first session last week). I'm having my bikini, underarms, and upper lip done. Since... READ MORE

Questioning my decision about laser hair removal. Can multiple areas be done in 1 session? Will it scar lymphnode? Cause Cancer?

I found a deal on Groupon for LHR. I went on a consult and told them I wanted armpits, brazilian, happy trail, full legs and feet. It will be a master... READ MORE

How many treatments does laser beard removal need? How do I know it's working?

I am on my 3rd laser session, it's only at 8 weeks my beard nearly all grows back, any less time and my skin is still smooth. The lady who is doing my... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Have the Potential to Lessen Acne?

I'm curious if having laser hair removal would reduce the presence of acne. By removing the hair from the pore, I suppose it does two things: 1)... READ MORE

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