Thin + Laser Hair Removal

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Is Laser Hair Removal Effective if You Have Really Thin Hair?

I am considering getting laser hair removal on my hands and feet. But the hair in that area is really thin. Will I get any results? READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Thin, Dark Upper Lip Hair?

I have thin black upper lip hairs that used to blend in with my skin color, but have since gotten a bit dark. Because the hair isn't thick, am I still... READ MORE

Do small hairs (very small and not visible) on nose cause blackheads ? Can laser treat them ?

Hi, i'm 22 Years old, and i have an oily skin. I have head, and still have blackheads on my nose. (A lot!). I've been used to clean my nose and... READ MORE

Facial Hair Removal, Permanent, Dangerous, Damages?

I'm from the northern district of Africa and the reminiscent of a Spanish in terms of skin tone. I have a skin color that is between light and light... READ MORE

Best treatment to permanently remove thin hair on chest/breasts? (photos)

Every 6 weeks for a year I did laser hair removal treatment on my chest. I didn't continue because I saw no difference in that time. The hair is thin,... READ MORE

All I want to know is why laser treatment not actively effecting upon my facial hair?

I hav been trough 7 consective laser sessions.but it doesnt effect well my hair growth as they grew back in 20 days.laser only positively effects on... READ MORE

Which is the Best Laser for Dark Fine Hair ?

I was going to a place for laser hair removal on my arms and abdomen where they were using GentleLase to treat me (the technician set it at level 14).... READ MORE

Is one laser hair removal treatment enough to remove all hair on chest? Will it grow patchy or uniform on the chest area?

I had my first treatment of laser hair removal on chest and abdomen two weeks ago and I almost have any hair. Im hairy with black dense hair (and... READ MORE

Can I Laser Hair Removal on my thin, black hair?

I naturally have medium, tanned skin with dark brown hair and I'm thinking of getting laser on my stomach and arms where my hair is think but dark... READ MORE

What is the best type of laser hair removal to use on the face?

My hair is not thick, quite thin but it bothers me. I am of Greek descent - my face is quite fair in comparison to my body color. I have very... READ MORE

Hair surrounding targeted area for laser hair removal becoming thin and falling. Any suggestions?

Im on my third session of laser hair removal and the hairs around the targeted area are also getting affected not visibly yet but i can take them out... READ MORE

Best laser hair removal (machine) for lighter colored hair?

I am looking to do laser hair removal on the entire bikini area, but I keep reading that you need to have dark and coarse hair for many of the... READ MORE

I want to thin out my pubic hair region, not completely remove the hair. Any suggestions?

How many sessions would you think are necessary to get just a thinned out look? My laser woman told me to shave everything completely for 2 - 4... READ MORE

Laser question - I've been doing laser on my bikini.

I've only taken a little bit off so it still has that naturally rectangular look but this time round the lady took it to far in I'm worried that the... READ MORE

Are there proper laser depilation tools for the nose and ears?

Why the manufacturers are not devising such a thin and curved laser depilation tools which can reach curved areas of nose and ear? READ MORE

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