Thighs + Laser Hair Removal

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Will Dark Spots from Laser Hair Removal Lighten with Use of Bio Oil or Cocoa Butter?

5 weeks ago both my thighs were burnt from laser hair removal. The burns have now turned into dark spots but never crusted and is under the top layer... READ MORE

I Am Going to Have a Full Bikini Laser Hair Removal, but I Have a Hyperpigmented Vagina and Inner Thighs?

Hi, i really want to have the Laser Hair removal in for my full bikini and inner thighs, cuz i have lots of ingrwn hairs, and i have completely... READ MORE

I Recently Had Hair Removal Laser and It Left Red Patches, Normal? (photo)

I recently had hair removal laser on my knee and thighs and it left red patches. Doesnt look like burns but extremely itchy. What is it? It has been 7... READ MORE

How do I heal my labia and thighs from laser hair removal burn? Can Obagi hydroquinone 4% be used to lighten my vagina? (Photo)

I just got burnt by laser hair removal a day ago. I'm putting triamcinolone ointment to help with the swelling, which has reduced significantly but... READ MORE

What's the best option for permanent hair removal?

My legs , thighs, chest, back, all hve hairs, also my chin haira are coming, i am unable to stand in front of anyone,,,.i want permanent reduction of... READ MORE

I had my 1st laser hair removal session 1.5 mo ago. Most of the treated areas had hair fall out, however a lot is growing back.

I had my 1st laser hair removal session 1.5 mth ago. Most of the treated areas had hair fall out ,however lots is growing back. The underarms are not... READ MORE

Burns blisters and reactions to first laser hair removal treatment.. Need advice! Thanks (photos)

Hi I recently went for my first laser hair removal. The session was on my my upper thighs and full Brazilian. My left leg didn't have too much... READ MORE

Laser hair removal, and are top up treatments neccesary?

I dont have any hormone problemsor anything. but i shaved my thighs when i was young and now i want to get laser hair removal on them , will top up... READ MORE

I have folliculitis on both thighs and have done for almost 12 months! What can I do? (photos)

I have tried numerous anti biotics both orally and via a cream! I see no improvement or control what so ever. Any help would be massively appreciated! READ MORE

How to treat burned areas after laser hair removal treatment? (photos)

I got burned on three spots of my left tigh from the laser treatment i had today and i really would like some advice on how to treat the area so that... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal 2 weeks ago. Is this a burn? (Photo)

I had laser hair removal 2 weeks ago (brazilian) and there was a section on the inside of my thigh that once treated nearly made me jump from up from... READ MORE

Should I look into going to a new spa with a different laser machine? Not getting good results.

Had 10 treatments of Brazilian and upper thighs. I don't understand why I am still shaving every week. My hair is thick and dark. The machine my spa... READ MORE

Will my white scars from laser hair removal on my thigh go away? (Photo)

I got laser hair removal and I've been getting it for over 2 years now. A month ago the temperature was too hot and I thought the temp was higher to... READ MORE

Can I make laser hair removal after 3 months of Liposuction? As I get marks for any injury easily on treated area.

I had liposuction for inner front of thighs 3 months back. whenever i get any hit on this area i get a bruise which makes a permanent mark. can i make... READ MORE

Will Lazer hair removal get rid of the bumps on my legs? (Photo)

So, I have these ingrown hair bumps all over my legs, thighs, and bum. I've tried every home remedy and different shaving techniques to get rid of... READ MORE

Why do I have such excessive body hair?

First of, i feel like a wolf person. i have hair EVERYWHERE. my upper lip, the sides of my face, my chin, my neck, my chest/nipples, my stomach, my... READ MORE

What's Up with These Laser Burns? (photo)

Yesterday I had laser hair removal, second treatment, on my upper thigh and bikini line. I have these strange marks/burns that sting a little. Photo... READ MORE

Dark spots in all hair follicles. (photos)

I have these dark spots on legs specially back of thighs which seem to be at the root of every hair.i hardly shave my legs.i usually prefer waxing... READ MORE

Are these burns from laser hair removal permanent or will they heal and not be visible? (photos)

I had my 5th laser hair removal on my bikini area(thigh) Everything was fine during my previous treatments but this last time the tech burned me. Most... READ MORE

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