Skin Type III + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal - Minimal Results After First Session

-i have had my first hair removal session 8 weeks ago -with ndyag laser. -i am skin type III - IV with dark hair -i saw remarkable results after one... READ MORE

Inner Labia Burns After Bikini Laser Hair Removal

I had my first laser session yesterday. (nd yag laser skin type3) i had a whole body laser session and everything was great i dont have any burns or... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Machine for Fine Dark Hair on Face and Upper Arms?

I have olive skin between type 3 to 4 (what I was told at clinics). I want to remove facial hair and full arm. My face and upper arms have dark &... READ MORE

I Have Type 3-4 Skin and Want to Get Laser Hair Removal. Which is Better, Diode or Alexandrite?

I want to remove some of the hair on my sideburn area. Some of the hairs are lighter than others and I know I won't get 100% removal, but I'd... READ MORE

Laser Beard Removal

Which laser is best for skin type 3 or 4 with black hairs for laser beard removal? i had the candela alexandrite on a test patch and it was tolerable.... READ MORE

Wrinkles and Pits on Skin After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

I have a skin type of 3 and had a single laser hair removal treatment of the whole face with Alexandrite 755 laser. After that I notice small pits in... READ MORE

Best Laser for Hair Removal on Skin Type III or IV?

I am thinking to do laser hair removal on my chest and neck but I am not sure which one is the best suitable laser for me, Alexandrite, Diode or other... READ MORE

I Had my First Brazilian Laser Removal and Experienced Serious Burns. Will It Heal Normally?

I had my first Brazilian laser hair removal yesterday using the Apogee Elite. I am in between skin type III and IV, light-skinned Asian. I had great... READ MORE

I Have Skin Type 3/4 and Would Like to Do Laser Hair Removal. Is There a Difference Better Diode or the Nd:YAG?

I have thick black hair so am unsure which treatment is most effective? I understand that a longer wave length is more suitable as I have a darker... READ MORE

Skin Type III I Think - Male & Want Hair Free Face, Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

I really want a hair free face- not sure if i will get good results - does lhr work well on a mans face? I was thinking combo of laser & then... READ MORE

Hair Removal for Skin Type 3/4?

Hello i have visited the dermatologists and said i have skin type 3/4, and recommended me the candela gentle lase alexandrite laser hair removal on my... READ MORE

Is it worth it to go for more Laser HR treatments on my upper lip after 11 treatments or should I go for electrolysis? (Photo)

Female, skin type III. 1 yr ago, I started LHR on my upper lip w/ Alexandrite laser: 9 treatments. The 4-7th treatments were successful I had no hair.... READ MORE

Soprano laser is painful - why? Starting with soprano and when hairs finer switching to alexandrite? (photo)

Or starting with alexandrite? I have III-IV skin and coarse black hair.The clinic starts with the soprano and when the hairs get... READ MORE

Alexandrite, diode, or ng:yag? Or a combination? (photos)

Do i have to see a dr. Or is a trained licensed experienced aesthetician ok? Looking to do laser hair removal in various areas. I've read... READ MORE

Will my red dots go away after a few more sessions of laser hair removal? (Photo)

Hello, I just got my lower leg done by laser hair removal (1st time). I am aware my leg hair is very stubby and coarse so I'm wondering whether the... READ MORE

Which treatment is better for hair removal IPL or laser nd yag?

I am skin type 3 (light) i have received 4 secession of ipl i feel littel heir reduction should I continue with ipl or should i switch to laser nd yag.. READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness on Me

I have skin type 3 with coarse black hair all over except on my back which is fine hair. For my coarse hair my laser technition has been using... READ MORE

Are Duetto MT devices suitable for my type 3 skin?

Hi. I have skin type 3. Duetto devices, which have alex & yag with eachother , is suitable for my skin? Or alex gentelase is better for me!!! Would... READ MORE

Laser Hair removal vs IPL+RF machines: indian skin. Which option is best for me? (photo)

Hi I want to get a home treatment machine (skin type 3-4) rarely burns easily tans (after tan its type 4) . The skin clinics around us offer IPL (skin... READ MORE

Two different types of laser hair removal treatments within 4 days (Fitzpatrick type 3 skin, extremely pale with jet black hair)

3 days ago I had LHR treatment with the Lumenis Lightsheer Desire - my provider recently switched from the Candela Gentle Ease. Now I have full... READ MORE

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