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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects and Risks?

Concerned about side effects from LHR. Can I get permanent damage from the laser? what about hyperpigmentation or scars? READ MORE

Will Vaginal Laser Hair Removal Cause Redness, Swelling, Bumps and Itching? (photo)

I had my first Brazilian laser treatment done almost 30 days ago. Since then I've experienced a lot of itching and swelling and small raised bumps... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Laser the Bikini Area?

Are there any dangers/side effects? how painful is it? is it safe if i use a lot of numbing cream for every session? how long will it take to finish... READ MORE

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Pregnant Women?

I am six months pregnant and am wondering if there are any issues with my receiving Laser hair removal on my legs and some Laser treatments on my face... READ MORE

Can Bikini Area Laser Hair Removal Cause Loss of Sex Drive?

I have heard that a woman had laser hair removal in the brazillian/bikini area and had a loss of sex drive. Is there any truth to this or any other... READ MORE

Is Laser Hair Removal Using Gentle ND Yag Safe for Dark Skin?

I have black/brown skin and I have heard this is the best for my skin complexion but I have not seen that many reviews from black users. Is the... READ MORE

Paradoxical Hypertrichosis After Laser Hair Removal

I experienced Paradoxical Hypertrichosis or hair regrowth after 2 laser hair removal treatments. I cannot find anywhere whether this is a transient... READ MORE

I Had Laser Hair Removal in 1997. Are There Any Known Long Term Effects from Those Treatments?

Back in 1997 when I was 18, I was taken to a doctor in philadelphia for facial laser hair treatment. The first couple of treatments, used a laser that... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Have Adverse Hair Growth Effects?

Can laser hair removal of one body part cause hair to grow out of another? READ MORE

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Genitalia?

I'm a male, and I am in the process of laser hair removal of my genitals. Is there any fertility concerns? Or other serious side effects of treatment? READ MORE

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal in The Long Run?

As a long term side effect, can laser hair removal cause more wrinkles and the treated area to appear more aged? READ MORE

I am concerned about laser pubic hair removal. Is it dangerous? What are the side effects? How much does it cost?

Hello. I have a question. Is laser pubic hair removal dangerous? How much it costs? What are the side effects of it? Is it secure to not have hair on... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removing on the Private Parts Cause Hemorrhoids by Any Chance?

I did 2 treatments so far and had hemorrhoids after each, and I have never had them before. READ MORE

I have swelling after laser hair removal. Is this normal?

Hello doctors.. I recently had my 4th laser hair removal on my face a couple of days ago, only this time, my cheeks are swollen and I have a blister... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Change Skin Texture?

Does Laser Hair Removal change skin texture making the skin more prone to scarring? READ MORE

Can i take doxycilin for 3 weeks on and 1 week off to continue my laser hair removal treatments which is once every 4 weeks?

I am currently getting laser hair removal once every 4 weeks for 10 treatments and have just been prescribed doxycilin for my acne (a few months... READ MORE

I Want to Remove Face Hair my Face Color is LIGHT Brown I Have Spot and Freckle . Can It Cause for Moor Pigmentation ?

I want to remove MY face hair permanently . my face color is LIGHT Brown and I Have tendency to spot and freckle on my face . can it cause for moor... READ MORE

Hair Removal Laser, Scars, Spots, Who?

Would like to take a laser treatment against hair growth, but are afraid of dark spots and scars. I have light skin and dark hair. Who may be exposed... READ MORE

Hi Am Going to to Do Full Bikini Laser Removal in 2 Weeks Scared Of Possible Burn Marks?

I am Very Hairy and full of Ingrown hairs, i need to do it, but i am very scared from the Burns, will they be gone after sometime? will my vagina get... READ MORE

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