Sensitive Skin + Laser Hair Removal

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What's the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

What's the best laser hair removal treatment/device for sensitive skin? READ MORE

Ethnic Skin Facial Hair Removal on Chin

What is the best hair removal method for facial chin hair removal on black, sensitive skin? READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Thick Black Hair and Light, Sensitive Skin? I Am of Japanese Decent.

More specifically, I am looking into laser options for my legs and bikini area. My hair tends to grow very quickly after shaving and I have resorted... READ MORE

How Safe is Laser Hair Removal for Fair Skin?

I have blue eyes, brown hair, alabaster skin, burn easily, some freckles on face/areas exposed to sun but none on areas that aren't exposed) The... READ MORE

Differences Between Hair Removal Laser Processes. What Do You Recommend For Fair, Sensitive Skin?

My daugher, 14.5 years has been recently diagnosed with PCOS due to her irregular periods, hormone levels, excess hair and back acne. We are starting... READ MORE

Lazer Hair Removal with Facial Cappilaries

I have facial cappilaries on my nose and cheecks and my skin is so lazer treatment safety to me? thank you.. READ MORE

After using Doxycycline, how long should I wait before I can get Laser Hair Removal?

I've been on doxycycline for a while maybe a year and I know it cause skin to become more sensitive to the sun and UV rays, how long must I be off the... READ MORE

Can I get Laser Hair Removal on the shaft of my penis?

I am 20 years old and I have hair growing on my shaft and I have been wondering if I could have laser hair removal on the shaft safely even if the... READ MORE

Will my skin be permanently scar from pigmentation?

I had a laser hair removal treatment 2 weeks now I was severely burn under my chin, I now have pigmentation from that will it be permanent. I am also... READ MORE

laser hair removal ?

Hi , i am thinking about laser hair removal , i just wanna know if it's safe, i have fair skin, light brown hair & few moles on my skin .. i had been... READ MORE

First laser hair removal session (light skin but dark coarse hair) on my face 5 days ago and I don't know what to do! (Photos)

I have very light skin and dark coarse hair, my face was very swollen and angry the day of the procedure and it has not gone away. I posted some... READ MORE

Marks on untreated areas after laser hair removal. Should I continue with the treatments? (Photo)

I had LHR done at a spa using a Alma Soprano laser 2 days ago(full Brazilian). A few hours later I had 2 small red/crusty spots on my stomach and 2... READ MORE

What is the best type of laser hair removal to use on the face?

My hair is not thick, quite thin but it bothers me. I am of Greek descent - my face is quite fair in comparison to my body color. I have very... READ MORE

Laser hair removal side effects?

I want to do facial laser hair removal and I have a black, long and thick hair but I'm concerned about my pimples. Is it ok to do laser over pimples... READ MORE

Acne red bumps post Laser Hair Removal, is this permanent? (photos)

Hi Dr, I got my full body laser hair removal done a week ago, after like 7-8 days i see red acne or bumps on my chest,3-4 days ago i suddenly felt... READ MORE

Should I go for my belly or wait to see results on my face? (Photo)

Hey everyone I'm 21 and becoming a werewolf slowly and can't really stand waxing or tweezing my face anymore. I found a nice esthetician at a decent... READ MORE

Can I use my Silk-épil after my 1st laser session? What can't I do after the session?

I just had my very 1st laser session for my under arms & only very few hair fell off. Im the not hairy type, I assumed it would only take me few... READ MORE

What are the best ways and creams after treatment stop the side effects in sessions my hair in nose been removed is that okay?

I have laser hair removal treatment in my face and I have light skin.. hair is dark and thick.. in fact the hair is very strong it is result of strong... READ MORE

I am a young woman with unwanted facial hair. What should I ask my doctor about determining the cause and any solutions?

My dermatologist is not helpful, she just recommended laser. I am 23 year old african american, prone to hyperpigmentation with very sensitive, dry... READ MORE

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