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Laser Hair Removal Burns on Stomach - Will It Scar?

I Just Got Laser Hair Removal on my Stomach but I Got Burned. I am so worried that i have ruined my stomach forever...i made a poor choice with laser... READ MORE

Will my Laser Hair Removal Burn Heal Without Scars or Hyperpigmentation?

Hi there, A week ago I went to the laser clinic for my 3rd treatment for hair removal and I got burned. This time around it was a different technician... READ MORE

Will Dark Spots from Laser Hair Removal Lighten with Use of Bio Oil or Cocoa Butter?

5 weeks ago both my thighs were burnt from laser hair removal. The burns have now turned into dark spots but never crusted and is under the top layer... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery/procedure for Razor Bumps and Scars on African American Skin? (photo)

At this point I want surgery or a procedure Ive tried every cream, peel,potion etc. I need to get rid of the darkness and the scarring,also stretch marks. READ MORE

How to Fade Pigmentation from Laser Hair Removal?

I had my Laser Hair Removal 3 weeks ago, but my legs are now full with mix hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. I am worried and want to ask what... READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Hair Removal on Scarred Area?

I've had laser resurfacing done on my face 5 years ago, and it has left me with a scar above my lip where I'm thinking of having laser hair... READ MORE

Will These Dark Spots and Dark Swollen Areas Scar? (photo)

I had my last hair removal session and after 4 days this is what my right underarm looks like (see attached photo). There are dark black spots and it... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal - Looks Like Scars, Are They Permanent? (photo)

I got the Laser hair removal on my legs couple of days back. I still have some bumps on my legs, and they look like scars and blisters now. Am I at a... READ MORE

Options for White Scar After Laser Hair Removal

I had a Laser hair removal and it left me with white circular scars (the shape of the laser head) all over my leg. They look like fish scales. The... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns, Will this go Away or is it Likely to Scar? (photo)

I just had a session of laser hair removal a couple of hours ago and noticed some burn marks on my skin. They are defined lines all over my arms,... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Change Skin Texture?

Does Laser Hair Removal change skin texture making the skin more prone to scarring? READ MORE

Laser on Chest Burned Around Nipples. Permanent Scarring?

I am very concerned for future scaring and permanant change in color around my nipples! READ MORE

Will the Scars Go Away From Laser Hair Removal On My Lower Back? (photo)

I got laser hair removal treatment on my lower back on March 12th and my back is severely burned. I have attached pictures below. Will the scars be... READ MORE

First Session of Diode Laser Hair Removal Resulted in Blister on the Left Side of my Lower Lip.

The dermatologist has assured me this won't leave a scar but i am scared that it will. I am applying metafumeroate cream before applying my post... READ MORE

Can I have laser hair removal after a c section?

Hi doc. i have given birth through c section last year. can i have now hair laser removal? but laser light might affect scar. please help READ MORE

A Technician Did Laser Hair Removal on my Underarms, Including on a Small Scar, Which Now is Lighter. Is This Permanent?

Recently, I been getting laser hair removal done on my underarms. This past visit, the technician said, "Do you have a scar on your... READ MORE

What do I need to do, to if not fix, then minimize the appearance of the scar? (photos)

Hello Doctors! 3 weeks ago I had a laser hair removal session go very wrong. What was supposed to be a 10 minute treatment left me swollen, blistered... READ MORE

I Have Burns from Laser Hair Removal, Will These Scar? (photo)

I had brazilian laser hair removal and I was badly burned. I made her stop because the treatment didnt feel right as it was happening and Ive had... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal over Areas with Pre Existing Scars / Acne? (photo)

I recently had some laser hair removal done on my upper lip and I noticed I got a deep scar from the procedure, although Im not too sure if it was... READ MORE

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