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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects and Risks?

Concerned about side effects from LHR. Can I get permanent damage from the laser? what about hyperpigmentation or scars? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Laser the Bikini Area?

Are there any dangers/side effects? how painful is it? is it safe if i use a lot of numbing cream for every session? how long will it take to finish... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Safe Around Areola?

Is hair laser safe to use around the areola? I have a few hairs that I would like to remove in this area but want to make sure the laser hair removal... READ MORE

Okay to Use Depilatory Creams Before and Inbetween Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

I know waxing, threading and plucking are not allowed, and bleaching is probably not recommended, but can depilatory creams be used instead of shaving? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have IPL Hair Removal Treatment for the Bikini Area?

I would like to have IPL treatment done for hair removal in my bikini area? Is it safe? I have seen many reviews on burning due to sensitivity,... READ MORE

Could Laser Hair Removal Possibly Cause Nerve Damage?

Will laser hair removal damage the fine nerve endings attached to the hair follicle? If not, what protects the nerve endings from the heat that... READ MORE

Is laser hair removal on penis safe and effective? I have a problem with hair growth up to the circumcision scar.

I'm looking to get hair removed from my penis shaft it goes all the way up to the circumcision scar ...What is the best option electrolysis or laser... READ MORE

Is It Better to Get Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal to Treat Folliculitis?

I heard electrolysis can create folliculitis but laser can get rid of it and vice versa so which would be better to treat folliculitis? and is it... READ MORE

Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal - is It Healthy?

I was wondering if it is safe to laser remove hair from inside your private area? My gynecologist (one of the best in Boston) tells me not to shave it... READ MORE

Brazilian Wax After Laser Treatment

Would It Be Ok to Do Brazilian Wax After the Laser Treatment in Case All Hair is Not Dealt With? READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard of Lyra Laser for Hair Removal? Is It Safe? Does It Work?

Has Anyone Heard of Lyra Laser for Hair Removal?  Is It Safe? Does It Work? READ MORE

Can Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Done Safely for a Teenager? (photo)

Should the treatment be put off until she is older, or is 17 good? She has already gone through puberty. Also, would she be at a higher risk for hyper... READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Hair Removal Near Body Jewelry?

Can laser hair removal be safely done where there is either steel of titanium body jewelry in the area of laser treatment? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use GentleMax Laser for Hair Removal if I Have Acne?

I have acne in my face and I'm planning to get laser hair removal on my face with a GentleMax laser. Will it be safe or do I have to wait to get... READ MORE

Using Home Laser Hair Removal on Labia Majora - Is it Safe?

Hello .. I'm using home laser hair removal sulk'n brand since 8 months now and it didn't burn or hurt at all my question: is it safe to continue using... READ MORE

Which Laser is Safest for my Face? Fair Skin & Dark Hair

I'm considering getting laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin. I'm a Caucasian female with fair skin and dark hair. If I'm not... READ MORE

How Hygenic is Laser Hair Removal? Are There Any Health Risks, Such As Contracting STDs?

I have had only 1 session so far of laser hair removal and where I live, technicians use the SOPRANO machine. My concern is: are there any risks of... READ MORE

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