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Laser Hair Removal on 15-16 Year Old: Any Risks?

I'm 15yo turning 16 in a bit and I want to have laser hair removal on my bikini, armpit and arm area. My parents don't agree with me having... READ MORE

Is Getting Laser Hair Removal on Underarms Safe?

I got my first treatment of laser hair removal about 1 month ago on my legs and noticed a huge difference. My mom noticed too and she is happy.... READ MORE

Laser on Bikini if Wanting to Get Pregnant?

Does laser hair removal on bikini line affect pregnancy/fertility and is there any chance of birth defects if lasering over ovaries? READ MORE

Is Hair Removal on the (Testicles,scrotum) by Laser May Be Cause Infertility in Future?

Is hair removal on the (testicles,scrotum)and pubic hair by (laser) have any risks or possible effects on the ability to have children in the future... READ MORE

What Happen if I Use Laser Hair Removal in Less Than Two Weeks Interval Session? Does It Have Any Bad Effect?

What Happen if I Use Laser Hair Removal in Less Than Two Weeks Interval Session? Does It Have Any Bad Effect? READ MORE

Are There Any Problems with Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding?

Are There Any Problems with Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding? READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Damaging to Thyroid?

I read a question that three doctors answered regarding IPL not being harmful to the thyroid, but I've had about 20 laser hair removal sessions to... READ MORE

I Had Bikini Laser Hair Removal Done 5 Days Before I Found out I Was Pregnant, Im 4 Weeks. Did It Harm The Baby?

I had laser hair removal done about five days before i found out i was pregnant, im 4 weeks, also used hydroquine & tretinoin for 1 day on the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have IPL Hair Removal Treatment for the Bikini Area?

I would like to have IPL treatment done for hair removal in my bikini area? Is it safe? I have seen many reviews on burning due to sensitivity,... READ MORE

I Started Hair Removal Sessions and I Recently Found out I'm Pregnet. Can I Continue?

I'm only doing hair removal on my face,now that i'm pregnet should i stop my sessions? READ MORE

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal in The Long Run?

As a long term side effect, can laser hair removal cause more wrinkles and the treated area to appear more aged? READ MORE

Is It Possible for a Hair Removal Laser to Damage Your Eyes if They Are Shut?

Can the laser radiation go through your eyelids? Are some wavelengths or types of lasers safer than others? READ MORE

Laser Hair Risks: What Are They?

I have heard horror stories about people ending up scarred by laser hair removal and even overdosing on the numbing cream used pre-treatment. ... READ MORE

Could Laser Hair Removal Possibly Cause Nerve Damage?

Will laser hair removal damage the fine nerve endings attached to the hair follicle? If not, what protects the nerve endings from the heat that... READ MORE

Can Vitiligo patient have laser hair removal?

Dear Doctor, i am 24 year male i have a small patch of vitiligo and i want to have laser hair removal for my chest and abdomen . is this dangerous for... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Damage the Lymph Nodes?

Can Laser Hair Removal Damage the Lymph Nodes? READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Stop Me from Getting Pregnant?

I am trying for a baby at the moment and just wanted to know if having laser treatment on my bikini, legs, bottom and underarms will stop me from... READ MORE

Is it True that Laser Hair Removal on the Bikini Area Would Cause Sensation Loss?

I'm planning to get a hair removal on bikini area but i have heared that using laser on those area would cause a sense of frustration from their... READ MORE

Hi Am Going to to Do Full Bikini Laser Removal in 2 Weeks Scared Of Possible Burn Marks?

I am Very Hairy and full of Ingrown hairs, i need to do it, but i am very scared from the Burns, will they be gone after sometime? will my vagina get... READ MORE

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