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How Much Hair Should Fall Out After Session of Laser Hair Removal (Bikini)?

I've had one session 2 weeks ago. It seemed like a really quick session. I've had a few hairs fall out - once they fall out, are they... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on 15-16 Year Old: Any Risks?

I'm 15yo turning 16 in a bit and I want to have laser hair removal on my bikini, armpit and arm area. My parents don't agree with me having... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Before I spend hundreds on LHR, want to make sure it really works!   READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal - Minimal Results After First Session

-i have had my first hair removal session 8 weeks ago -with ndyag laser. -i am skin type III - IV with dark hair -i saw remarkable results after one... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

I Had a laser done, got burned and now I'm left with white marks. Will they go away? What can I do? I'm terrified since I'm a fitness... READ MORE

If the Hair Hasn't Fallen out 17 Days After Laser, is There Any Chance That It Will?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment 17 days ago. The hair on my lip is gone; it fell out almost immediately. But the thick hairs on my chin... READ MORE

No Pain or Sensation During Laser Hair Removal - Is It Working?

I had my first treatment with Cutera laser and haven't feel any sensation or pain at all. I've heard I need to feel something so wondering is... READ MORE

Should I continue to get laser hair removal even though I have not seen results?

I got laser hair removal done a couple months ago and it was my 3rd time getting it done. I saw a difference for a little bit but then it was pretty... READ MORE

Im a Female Diagnosed with Hirsutism at Age 14; Will I Have This 'Condition' Forever?

I am now 35; before laser treatments I was super EXTREMELY hairy, LHR was/is a 98% succes and I am beyond happy with the outcome. I have been using... READ MORE

What if You Are Unable to Do All 6 Laser Removal Treatments in a Row?

I can only do 3 months of laser hair removal before I will be traveling for 5 months. Will my laser hair removal results be compromised if split the 6... READ MORE

Does 1st Laser Treatment for Brazilian/bikini Leave Area Clean Like Waxing?

I will be doing my 1st laser treatment for full bikini (Brazilian), i'm wondering if the area will be left completely clean similar to Brazilian wax,... READ MORE

No Hair Regrowth - Should I Continue Treatments?

I've had 4 treatments and been coming in every 4 weeks for my face. Recently, I haven't had any regrowth. Should I wait until I do or continue... READ MORE

Post Coolglide - Hair has Not Shed

I had Coolglide Treatment on chin (I'm F, white, dark/coarse hair, burn then tan) & it doesn't seem to have worked. Had session 11 days... READ MORE

Does squeezing the hair out after laser treatment alter results? (Photo)

I got my first laser treatment six weeks ago and noticed shortly after (1 week) that several hairs were falling out. I gave them a gentle squeeze... READ MORE

I have little hairs on my upperlip. I want to know if its safe to do laser treatment?

How long will it last? what are the requirements to do before and after the treatment? READ MORE

Can I Do a Laser Hair Removal During the Vacation?

I want to go to lebanon during the vacation to do a laser hair removal. But I will stay there for only 2 months. So can I do a laser hair removal... READ MORE

Why isn't Laser Hair Removal Working for Me?

I've had 16 facial LHR treatments. They use Gentle Max. No reduction in hair growth yet. I have dark hair & medium skin. Test for hormones was... READ MORE

When will I see my hair from laser hair removal start to shed?

I got laser hair removal on my face about a week ago now, and was wondering when I will start to see some results. I know after one session it won't... READ MORE

Lightsheer Cause Wrinkles?

Does Lightsheer laser cause wrinkles if set on a high heat setting? I feel I have wrinkes on my forehead and under my eyes a little too. It was said... READ MORE

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