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How to Permanently Remove Nose and Ear Hair

How do you remove hair from the inner/outer nose and ear hair permanently? I have got a bit of nose and ear hair but I wanted to know the best way of... READ MORE

Can Hair Around Breast Nipple Be Removed by Laser?

Embarased by hair on my nipples. can it be taken off entirely without damage to my breast skin? READ MORE

Are Home Laser Hair Removal Machines Safe?

I bought a laser hair removal device for home use. Is it safe for me to use it by myself? Can I use it on the breast area (near the nipple)? READ MORE

Why is Lightsheer the Best Laser for Hair Removal?

Several doctors on this site have said that the Lightsheer is the .  Why is it the best?  How do I know who carries this laser? READ MORE

Can I still shave normally after and in between treatments of Laser Hair Removal?

I read that "The treated hair will continue to appear for 7-30 days post-treatment" following laser hair removal. Can I still shave normally... READ MORE

My next laser treatment is approaching. Some of my hairs shed and were removed by me. When will they fall by themselves?

I had to pull them out with my fingers.i'm pretty sure that there are other hairs as well in the shedding process but i obviously can't pull them all... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal in between my eyebrows and they have removed part of main eyebrow. When will it grow back?

This was my 6th session and up until then, it was successful but I had a different person using the laser on me and they have caught the side of both... READ MORE

IPL Vs Other Lasers for Permanent Hair Removal?

I was told that IPL treatments work better than laser. I would like to receive more information and any suggestions. READ MORE

Do You Know Somebody Whose Hair Grew Back After Having to Stop Laser Treatments After 1 or 2 Sessions? How Long Did It Take?

I had two laser treatments for scalp hair, but have since realized that due to the lack of permanency that scalp hair excision would be the best... READ MORE

What is Common Initial Setting of Laser to Completely Remove Men's Beard?

My boyfriend is skin type 2 and his laser was alexandrite. Initially, setting was 8J and was increased to 9J for his touch-up, which was 2 weeks after... READ MORE

Can my dermatologist help me with my hairy problem (hirsutism)?

I have hair on my chest, neck, buttcrack, arms, legs, thighs, upper lip, bikinline, back... And hair close to my privates that are very uncomfortable... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove upper lip hair for women?

For that I mean like a method that'll help the facial hair not to grow back fast. I'm a girl & my age is 14. I have dark facial hair on my upper lip... READ MORE

​How effective is later hair removal (upper lip and chin) on a health 41 year old?

I'm considering laser but I'm worried about how long my skin is going to be red or swollen, of course side effects. I'm planning on a first session on... READ MORE

What to do with the hair after laser hair removal?

Once the 1-2 weeks have past and all my hair is beginning to fall out, I have noticed that it does not actually fall out but is not attached either. I... READ MORE

Can you get laser hair removal after a tattoo has been removed?

My ankle has a tattoo and I want to get it removed so I can finish laser hair removal oN my leg but I was told I could not do laser hair removal over... READ MORE

Can Microdermabrasion Prevent Ingrown Hairs From Manual Hair Removal?

I have my facial hair manually removed (waxing, threading, tweezing). However, I then have a lot if ingrown facial hair causing acne-like cysts that... READ MORE

Which is the best laser hair removal device for at home?

- No!No! Hair Remover - Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro - Silk'n SN-008 Flash&Go All-Over Hair Removal READ MORE

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