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Hair Growing Back After Five Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

I had about 12 sessions of laser hair removal treatments eight years ago and after several years the hair started to grow back. I got five treatments... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Genital Area?

I am considering buying into the Tria laser for laser hair removal, simply because getting it done at an office is so expensive. Why... READ MORE

Painful Sex After Laser Hair Removal?

I had 1 Lightsheer diode brazilian laser hair removal treatment, and it was itchy and had small red bumps that felt painful when walking. After 4... READ MORE

Is There a Reason That my Daughter Cannot Take Ampicillin While Receiving Laser Hair Removal?

My daughter takes 500 mg ampicillin daily for acne.The laser hair removal spa where she has an appointment said that she had to stop the ampicillin... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing total shedding after my first laser hair removal treatment?

I had my first laser hair removal carried out a little over 2 weeks ago. over the past couple of days i have experienced about 90-95% hair shedding,... READ MORE

Why Do Some Laser Hair Removal Machines Require Visible Hair Growth?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment today. They used a machine that I can't find any information on. It was called cheauvx. It was pain free.... READ MORE

Can Excessive Rubbing in Removing Makeup W/ a Wet Wipe, Followed Up W/ Laser Hair Removal on the Face Cause Soreness?

3 weeks ago, when removing my makeup,a laser hair technician rubbed my face somewhat excesively with a wet wipe when removing my makeup & then... READ MORE

Why doesn't hair fall out from upper lip after laser hair removal treatment?

Hi! I had a 8 laser hair removal treatments on my upper lip but hair is not falling out at all. Laser Soprano ICE (Alma). Skin type- white. Hair-dark.... READ MORE

Why is hair growning thicker and more black after 41 sessions of laser?

Hi Doctor, I'm 30 years old I have done 41 sessions (5 years) of laser on my face using the Alexandrite (2 years) and soprano ice (3 years) But after... READ MORE

Why isn't laser hair treatment working on my face after several years but instead made it worse? (Photo)

My hair growth seems to have become worse since I started the treatments (10 years ago). I originally went in my early 20's for some normal facial... READ MORE

About laser doubts. What is the reason for this failure?

I underwent a laser on upper lip when I was 14 and now I am 21. I don't know if the doctor I consulted is wrong.. Only 20% of hair is gone and rest... READ MORE

Do fine hairs not work in laser hair removal?

I have dark yet thin hairs on my shoulder and neck area and many people, including the person performing the laser hair removal, have told me its not... READ MORE

Why am I still growing so much hair on my face as if I've never even had laser? 16 months after treatment

I am a female and had laser hair removal treatment on my face for 16 months. Its been 2 weeks since my final session and my facial hair is growing... READ MORE

It's been 2 months since the last of 6 laser hair removal sessions. Hair is growing at its original thickness. Why?

I have had six laser hair removal sessions on my lower legs, bikini and underarms. After each session I noticed the hair took longer to grow back (it... READ MORE

Facial laser is not effective. I am still getting hair growth. Why?

Hi i am north Indian girl i had facial laser treatment from RESULT LASER CLINIC. I have done two sessions first treatment was really impressive but... READ MORE

Why should I prefer laser hair removal/reduction over permanent hair removal?

I don't understand why people don't choose permanent hair removal and simply laser for reduction instead. Does that mean permanent is unsafe or not as... READ MORE

I've had about 7-8 laser hair removal treatments. Why do I still have hair ?

I've had about 7-8 laser hair removal treatments. Why do I still have hair ? READ MORE

Hair growing back at faster rate after second laser hair removal session.

My hair growth rate is faster after my second session compared to my first laser session. It has been a week since I completed my 2nd session. The... READ MORE

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