Pubic + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal for Pubic Area - How Many Treatments Needed?

I am considering having lazer hair removal of my pubic region. I have dark brown, curly hair and it is the same in my pubic region. I think it looks... READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal on my Pubic Area?

When I say pubic area, I don't just mean the bikini line. I mean everything, including the butt. Is that possible and safe? Also, could I get laser... READ MORE

Possible To Permanently Remove Male Pubic Hair? What Are The Options?

Please help, I suffer from the density of hair on the length of the penis, what is the solution to remove it permanently?, Can I use the laser or to... READ MORE

Got Burned by Laser Hair Removal and Have Dark Spot, How Can I Get Rid of Them Fast? (photo)

Hello, I had my 3rd laser hair removal 6 days ago on my upper lip and full brazilian area. I noticed that it was more painful than usual and swollen... READ MORE

Is Hair Removal on the (Testicles,scrotum) by Laser May Be Cause Infertility in Future?

Is hair removal on the (testicles,scrotum)and pubic hair by (laser) have any risks or possible effects on the ability to have children in the future... READ MORE

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Will Hair That Has Fallen out Grow Back?

Very embarrassing but I went for my 1st session of brazilian LHR and I was so busy worrying about the pain I stupidly forgot to tell them to leave a... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Genital Area?

I am considering buying into the Tria laser for laser hair removal, simply because getting it done at an office is so expensive. Why... READ MORE

Pimple with Puss Around Pubic Area 10 Days After Laser Hair Removal

Hello, This is my 2nd treatment for laser hair removal. The first treatment, nothing happened. But the second treatment, after 3 days, I got small red... READ MORE

Any Treatment/procedure or Safe Surgery(laser Treatment, Skin Lightening, Etc) That Removes/reduces Vaginal Scar Tissue?

I am a 17 year old African American female who has struggled with ingrown hairs, which has and still does cause deep, dark, extremely ugly,... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Mens Nipples and Pubic Area Including Penis Etc?

I am tired of shaving all the time and would like to know about laser treatment for a mans nipples and public hair including penis. READ MORE

Removing Pubic Hair without Laser - Options?

Other than laser what's the best way for a man to remove all pubic hair including the penis &scrotum? also are epilators safe for that area ?... READ MORE

I am concerned about laser pubic hair removal. Is it dangerous? What are the side effects? How much does it cost?

Hello. I have a question. Is laser pubic hair removal dangerous? How much it costs? What are the side effects of it? Is it secure to not have hair on... READ MORE

Can I have laser hair removal done on all of private areas, meaning buttocks anus gouch balls penis and stomach area?

I am a 21 year old male with dark brown hair easily tanned complexion who would like a profesional opinion on how effective laser hair removal will be... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Prevent Future Recurrence of Folliculitis in Male Genital Region?

I occasionally have bouts of folliculitis in the genital area (including scrotum, shaft, and pubic area). The folliculitis is triggered by having... READ MORE

Sex before or after the Brazilian waxing

This is going to be the 4th time of my Brazilian laser hair removal. Is there specific period that I have to really take care of my vagina before and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Laser Hair Removal to the pubic area? How painful is it?

Is the pain tolerable down there lol , Instead of a full Brazilian Wax Id like to get a full laser treatment. Typically whats the average cost in NY ? READ MORE

Hi Am Going to to Do Full Bikini Laser Removal in 2 Weeks Scared Of Possible Burn Marks?

I am Very Hairy and full of Ingrown hairs, i need to do it, but i am very scared from the Burns, will they be gone after sometime? will my vagina get... READ MORE

I am getting compete laser hair removal on pubic scrotum & my penis shaft. I am concerned that my penis is way too small?

I get a complete skin body exam twice a year from my dermotalogist and she seen me completly nu for she knows i tan in the nude.Ive known her for 12... READ MORE

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