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I Got Burned by VPL Laser; How To Minimize Scarring and Discoloration? (photo)

I got burned by a VPL Laser hair removal system and I would like to know how to treat it to minimize the scarring and discoloration. Should I go see a... READ MORE

I had Laser hair removal on hairline and sideburns. Any suggestions on Yag lasers? (photos)

I just got laser hair removal on my hairline and sideburns. I am Mexican and so I have medium/brown skin. They used the alexandrite laser on me, Is... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn On My Face, What Can I Do To Prevent Scarring? (photo)

I had my second laser hair removal session on Thursday evening and am afraid something went terribly wrong. I have all these burn rings all over my... READ MORE

Questions About Laser Hair Removal For Sensitive Fair Skin And Fine Dark Hair?

Worried as I had a bad exp with ipl, will really appreciate if someone can ans these. I have sensitive, fair skin and fine dark hair. 1. Will hair... READ MORE

Is it common for laser hair removal treatment to cause pain/discomfort to teeth with silver fillings?

Recently had my first treatment. I was not prepared for the discomfort I felt in my teeth each time the laser "zapped" my skin. (I have fillings... READ MORE

Burns and Pain from Laser hair removal. How do I prevent scarring and hyper or hypopigmentation?

I had LHR day before yesterday, the 'dermatol..' used a high setting and exposed my skin for long. My face was burning for hrs. I woke up with dark... READ MORE

Is there a way to stop random bits of hair growing down the back of my neck? (Photo)

On the back of my neck, past my hairline there's always hair that grows and goes down my neck. It's on the left side and the right and it grows around... READ MORE

How should I shave to prevent "strawberry legs"?

Every time I shave I get nicks and red marks on my leg as well as shaving not even being effective because there is still hair left under the skin. I... READ MORE

Best course of action for laser hair removal burns? (Photos)

Today I received my fifth treatment of laser hair removal to my bikini area. I haven't had any issues after any of my previous sessions, but this time... READ MORE

How to I prevent hair re-growth after many laser treatments?

I've had 14 laser treatments on my brazilian area and fine hairs still grow back. I've had laser on other parts of my body and from experience, the... READ MORE

Why did I get this crazy burn from this laser hair removal treatment and didn't on prior treatments? (photo)

I went in for my fourth laser hair removal session today, and had to stop because I was getting badly burned. Now it's a big, horrible mess, and I'm... READ MORE

How can I prevent hives, rash or bumps after laser hair removal? Can I pre-treat with something?

I am going to start laser hair removal using the YAG laser. I have darker olive skin and the YAG is supposed to be safe for dark skin. I was told that... READ MORE

How can I prevent breakouts during laser hair removal? (Photo)

I have never had a skin problem in my 25 yrs old. I have been doing facial laser hair removal for a year now so ,and i went somewhere else... READ MORE

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