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Waxing and Plucking After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

After what time can a person wax, tweeze, pluck or use creams if they used laser hair remover only once or had number of treatment, but do not plan to... READ MORE

I Had Laser Hair Removal Last Week, and I Squeezed a Hair Out.. but It Felt As if It Was Ready to Come Out.. Did I Ruin It?

I have been having it for a year now and the problem is last year i plucked the hairs and they grew back and it pretty much ruined everything, so i... READ MORE

Plucking immediately after laser treatment?

I have very course, dense, black chin hair which grows very quickly (everyday) and my technician has advised me that I will need 8 treatments every 3... READ MORE

What happens if i remove body hair from roots after my laser hair removal treatments?

If i'm having several hair removal treatments and the hair growth is noticeably decreased, and then after a new growth of hair i remove the body hair... READ MORE

Plucking Hair and Going to Laser Hair Removal in 3 Weeks?

Hello Doctor, I am in a bit of a dilema, this is my 3rd laser hair removal treatment and this time i decided to pluck some of the hair follicles on my... READ MORE

Is it possible to receive laser hair removal treatments for hairs located directly on male genitalia?

I have hairs on the back of the shaft of my penis. I thought plucking them would make them stop growing but it did the exact opposite. I am not sure... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis for Hyperpigmented Skin?

I have dermal PIH due to excessive plucking and not using sun protection. I have PCOS so hair growth is more than average. I need to remove the hair... READ MORE

Does Plucking Hair Change Hair Growth Cycle?

Does plucking hair change hair growth cycle? If it does, how long should I wait for hair growth cycle to turn back to nomal? Do I have to wait long... READ MORE

Laser hair removal on upper lip 2 days ago. I plucked some hairs that were already starting to show. Did I make it worse?

I got laser hair removal on my upper lip 2 days ago, and already started to see dark blackhead-like spots at the ends. It was obviously hair. I... READ MORE

Lazer Hair Removal?

I have been plucking hairs on my chin about 2 years andi noticed my pours are getting larger could this be from plucking hairs or just sun damage ,... READ MORE

Is it safe to pluck or wax facial hair after laser sessions?

I had 8 laser facial removal sessions (ipl)and the last was on jan 2016,,no positive results and the hair has grown back,,is it safe to pluck or wax... READ MORE

Any suggestions on sudden hair growth on my chin? (photos)

3 months ago I noticed a long white almost clear hair on my neck and two weeks ago pluck it by mistake and yesterday I noticed another hair but this... READ MORE

Is it ok to pluk facial hair ( threading on my face) before facial laser?

I would like to know iam bussy with my facial laser but i pluk my hair(do threading on my face) before i go for treatment coz im afraid to shave. Is... READ MORE

How effective is laser hair removal on chin hair effected by hormones?

I am a 24 year old mother of 1, she is 3. I have noticed since shaving or plucking fair hair under my chin over a year ago- I have gradually seen an... READ MORE

Upper lip laser... Screwed up...plucked after :(

I just had my 2nd laser treatment on upper lip this past Tuesday morning. Tonight I couldn't deal anymore and plucked the black hairs that appeared to... READ MORE

Is there a laser that works on black people? (Photos)

Last tried laser 10 years ago & didn't work. Are there better ones out now? I have on chin like a goatee and I want to have these hairs removed.... READ MORE

Should I Keep Shaving if I'm Stopping Laser Treatments Temporarily During Pregnancy? Or Can I Start Waxing/plucking?

I was getting laser hair removal for my upper lip and chin for 2+ years and I was at the point where I only got it every few months and shaved in... READ MORE

Do Waxing ,plucking, Threading After Finishing Laser Treatments (After 4 Sessinos and 2 Another) Make Hair Become Thicker ?

Do Waxing ,plucking, Threading After Finishing Laser Treatments (After 4 Sessinos and 2 Another) Make Hair Become Thicker ? READ MORE

If I plucked the hair after my first LHR , will it affect the hair follicles and grow back just like before - thick, dense hair?

I had very thick and dense hair in my chin and had my first laser hair therapy , I've noticed remarakble reduction , So I've decided not to make more... READ MORE

Laser hair removal on chest, 20 year old female? What methods do you recommend?

Specifically between breasts and when I was about 13 I realized my hair was a lot darker between my breasts and managed to shave the hair, I have been... READ MORE

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