Permanent + Laser Hair Removal

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How to Permanently Remove Nose and Ear Hair

How do you remove hair from the inner/outer nose and ear hair permanently? I have got a bit of nose and ear hair but I wanted to know the best way of... READ MORE

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Permanent means permanent. Not 1 year, 2 years, etc. READ MORE

Is There A Way To Permanently Remove White Hairs?

Is There A Way To Permanently Remove White Hairs? I'm 23 READ MORE

Will These Burns from Laser Hair Removal Scar my Face Permanently? (photo)

Hi i had a laser hair removal treatment 2 days ago and have been burnt and i am scared that i am scarred for life on my face.I have had a few... READ MORE

How Long Do The Burn Spots of Laser Hair Removal Stay on my Skin...I Am So Worried (photo)

I have done it before and never got such a problem...I am so afraid its gonna stay forever...this was my 5th time and only this time I got such a bad... READ MORE

Can Scalp Hair Be Permanently Removed Using Laser?

This is probably an unusual question but I have little hair left on my head and was wondering if a laser can be used to permanently to remove all... READ MORE

Will I Have Scars and Discoloration on my Legs After Laser Hair Removal Burns? (photo)

I had laser hair removal treatment a week ago and now I have burns all over my lower legs. Will I have scars and discoloration on my skin? I'm... READ MORE

I want to remove hair from forehead permanently. Any suggestions? (photos)

How can I remove my hair from my forehead permanently without any lazer and without any surgery I can't shave it now I get suck of it READ MORE

Will These Burn Marks from LHR Heal Without Scarring? (photo)

I was on my 8th laser treatment when my treating MD increased the energy from 25J to 30J with a Gentlelase Alexandrite laser. I received burns on my... READ MORE

I want remove my chest hair permanently. (photo)

I want remove my chest hair permanent that it will never come again in my life and no side effects should be READ MORE

I got these burns after a laser hair removal treatment. Are they permanent? (Photo)

I had my fourth laser hair removal session for the bikini and underarms areas 48 hours ago. After the treatment, I noticed these burns on my penis and... READ MORE

How to Get Permanent Hair Removal? Laser?

Is laser the best way to get permanent hair removel? Is there a better laser than others, technique, or other? READ MORE

Will These Dark Spots and Dark Swollen Areas Scar? (photo)

I had my last hair removal session and after 4 days this is what my right underarm looks like (see attached photo). There are dark black spots and it... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation Due to Alexandrite Laser Permanent?

I had a full-face Alexandrite laser treatment done for hair removal (skin type #3). After only 1 treatment I have patches of hyperpigmnetation on my... READ MORE

Soprano vs lightsheer?

I'm a pcos pt and I'm looking for perminant laser hair removal. I've doing a lot of research trying to find the best laser machine. My skin type is... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal - Looks Like Scars, Are They Permanent? (photo)

I got the Laser hair removal on my legs couple of days back. I still have some bumps on my legs, and they look like scars and blisters now. Am I at a... READ MORE

Facial Skin Burn After Laser Hair Removal, Is It Permanent? (photo)

Hello, I am 25 year old male (Asian). I have a little darker skin and I received my second laser hair removal treatment. My skin got burned and it... READ MORE

Are Laser Hair Removal Burns Permanent? (photo)

Hello I just had laser hair removal done on my legs and I have large red circles that feel slightly swollen and hot. I am a fitness instructor and... READ MORE

Laser hair removal, bikini area: are these burns, discoloration or both? Is it permanent? How can I treat it? (Photo)

I had laser treatment done in my bikini area 3 days ago, started to notice some discoloration & what seemed like burns. Is this discoloration... READ MORE

Is 12 J of Fluency Enough to Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction?

Hi I have received my last laser treatment with a new laser the lightsheer HS, the top fluence level go up to 12joules, and I was wondering if it was... READ MORE

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