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Is There A Way To Permanently Remove White Hairs?

Is There A Way To Permanently Remove White Hairs? I'm 23 READ MORE

Proper Laser Hair Removal Burn Treatment?

If you've been burned after a laser hair removal treatment, e.g. laser OD, is there a proper general burn treatment, particularly to maximize... READ MORE

Possible To Permanently Remove Male Pubic Hair? What Are The Options?

Please help, I suffer from the density of hair on the length of the penis, what is the solution to remove it permanently?, Can I use the laser or to... READ MORE

Burns & Blisters from Laser Hair Removal

5 days ago I received laser hair removal treatment. Within the last 24 hours water blisters have begun to form and are very uncomfortable. Should I... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Hairy Face? (photo)

Its all over my face (forehead, cheeks, neck etc). In real life its quite visible as some people have pointed out. I did a stupid mistake a few ears... READ MORE

I Have Developed Dark Pigments on my Upper Lip, Where I Had Laser Hair Removal. What Do I Do?

I had laser hair removal on my upper lip a few years ago. About a month ago, the skin above my upper lip became darker, and now is "tanned" in the... READ MORE

How Can You Treat the Insane Itching While Healing from a Laser Burn?

A few days post-laser hair removal burn. The area that got burned that is now healing, will get insanely itchy at times, where it even woke me up! A... READ MORE

Changing forehead and hairline. Forehead is too narrow looking to widen it don't know what the best option is. (Photo)

I have a very small forehead as my hairline has a uncommon shape. I cannot stand my hairline and ever since i have started shaving it to look more... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Mens Nipples and Pubic Area Including Penis Etc?

I am tired of shaving all the time and would like to know about laser treatment for a mans nipples and public hair including penis. READ MORE

I Already Undergone 10 IPL Sessions for my Underarm Hair, What Are Other Laser Options?

But it only reduces for about 60% of my underarm hair and some fine hairs are growing still. I want to find other lasers that will totally eliminate... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Caused Discolored or Darker Skin?

Im a woman ,i have made until now three laser session , after the third one i notice that the top area of bikini is discolored and become more darker... READ MORE

Removing Pubic Hair without Laser - Options?

Other than laser what's the best way for a man to remove all pubic hair including the penis &scrotum? also are epilators safe for that area ?... READ MORE

Laser Beard Removal

Which laser is best for skin type 3 or 4 with black hairs for laser beard removal? i had the candela alexandrite on a test patch and it was tolerable.... READ MORE

Best Laser System for Dense, Dark Back Hair with Light Skin?

My 18 year old son is in desperate need of laser hair removal on his back. It is very dense and dark. His skin is light. What is the best laser system... READ MORE

Can I Use Vaniqa While Having Laser Hair Removal?

I've read that laser hair removal is more effective when combined with Vaniqa yet a plastic surgeon told me today I should stop using the Vaniqa... READ MORE

Are Laser Hair Removal Burns Permanent? (photo)

Hello I just had laser hair removal done on my legs and I have large red circles that feel slightly swollen and hot. I am a fitness instructor and... READ MORE

Laser hair removal, bikini area: are these burns, discoloration or both? Is it permanent? How can I treat it? (Photo)

I had laser treatment done in my bikini area 3 days ago, started to notice some discoloration & what seemed like burns. Is this discoloration... READ MORE

Laser Hair Reduction. Clinic is Giving Me Choice of Nd Yag Vs. Soprano?

Im male 29, seek laser hair reduction in underarms, chest and abdomen area- The clinic that i visited did a patch test on me using both Soprano and nd... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my upper lip, immediately after treatment it starting burning. I have dark spots. (Photo)

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my upper lip, immediately after treatment it starting burning and the pain didn't go away for about 3 or 4 hours... READ MORE

Facial Hair Removal on Indian Skin- Not Working. Which Laser is Best?

 I Had Laser Hair Removal Several Years Ago with a Lyra Laser- Hair Grew Back. I Now Had a Treatment with Gentleyag 3 Days ago.I am East Indian... READ MORE

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