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Hair Growing Back 2 Days After Laser Hair Removal - Normal?

Tow days after my laser treatment, I'm having the hair growing back (as if it was shaved). Is that normal? how can I remove the hair? READ MORE

Painful Sex After Laser Hair Removal?

I had 1 Lightsheer diode brazilian laser hair removal treatment, and it was itchy and had small red bumps that felt painful when walking. After 4... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Caused Discolored or Darker Skin?

Im a woman ,i have made until now three laser session , after the third one i notice that the top area of bikini is discolored and become more darker... READ MORE

No Pain or Sensation During Laser Hair Removal - Is It Working?

I had my first treatment with Cutera laser and haven't feel any sensation or pain at all. I've heard I need to feel something so wondering is... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

After 1 session of laser hair removal on my bikini line I have swollen lymph nodes in my throat and my groin. Have you ever heard of anyone having... READ MORE

My Laser Hair Removal Treatment Left Red Symmetrical Dots, Looks Like Measles, Is This Normal?

The dots are all the same size, in even distance to one another (looks like the edges of the laser perimeters burned me perhaps), looks kind of like... READ MORE

I got ingrown hair after my first laser hair removal! Is it normal? (Photo)

I got ingrown hair after my first laser hair removal which wasn't there before. i got a lot on my shoulders ! is it normal ? do i need to change my... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns. Is Itching Normal? (Photo)

I had a photo hair removal treatment on my lower legs, underarms and bikini area four days ago. The latter are fine, but not my legs. A couple of days... READ MORE

Excessive sweating and odor after laser hair removal treatment?

I'm nearly done with the laser treatment to remove armpit hair, it's almost all gone now but lately I've noticed I've been sweating a lot more and the... READ MORE

Is It Normal to See an Intense Red Light During Laser on the Face?

I had a patch test today for laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin. The technician provided me with safety goggles/glasses while this was... READ MORE

Swelling and bumps after laser hair removal, is this normal? (Photo)

I just had my second laser hair removal treatment yesterday and my legs are pretty swollen, especially around my ankles. The swelling is so bad it's... READ MORE

Is Polka Dots on Treated Area Normal for Laser Hair Removal? Will This Cause Permnate Scarring? What Went Wrong?

I have polka dots all over where I was treated for laser hair removal. As time goes on they are slightly raising, changing color (from red to dark... READ MORE

Facial and Neck Laser Hair Removal Treatment Time.

Hi, my 18 year old daughter is having a facial and neck laser hair removal treatment. how long each session should take as this is her fourth one. The... READ MORE

How do i know if my laser hair removal sessions are working?

So far i have had only TWO laser sessions. but im not too sure if they are making any difference. The laser woman says for me to shave and then go to... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal 3 weeks ago on my underarms. Now I have a lump; is this normal?

I had laser removal 3 weeks ago. Now u have a hard lump about the size of my finger tip. I wouldn't say it hurts more irritating. Is this normal READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal - Is This Normal?

Is this normal? It was 3 days after the first session of laser hair removal. READ MORE

Is Laser Hair Removal Supposed to Be Really Painful?

I got my first laser hair removal treatment a couple days ago on my legs, but the pain was literally almost unbearable. Is this normal or should I... READ MORE

Is It the Laser Hair Removal That is Causing my Breakouts? (photo)

It’s been 1 yr since I’ve started laser on my face and neck. I’ve had 8 treatments and for the last 4 I’ve been breaking out... READ MORE

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