Neck + Laser Hair Removal

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I'm a girl and I have a hairy face. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 17 year old girl and I literally have hair everywhere! On my face, neck, chest, back, stomach, hands, etc. it's not feminine and it makes... READ MORE

If the Hair Hasn't Fallen out 17 Days After Laser, is There Any Chance That It Will?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment 17 days ago. The hair on my lip is gone; it fell out almost immediately. But the thick hairs on my chin... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Technology for Razor Bumps on Male Front Neck Region?

Advice appreciated. After reading this 500 comment thread, it seems like LHR is ideal for body hair but very problematic for treating the male... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation Due to Alexandrite Laser Permanent?

I had a full-face Alexandrite laser treatment done for hair removal (skin type #3). After only 1 treatment I have patches of hyperpigmnetation on my... READ MORE

I Just Received Laser Hair Removal for my Neck - Burn, Swollen, Irriated, Red? (photo)

I have coarse hair and I received laser hair treatment at a higher level than usual and my neck is super swollen and red and there are areas where it... READ MORE

I've had 6 of 8 treatments with medlite c laser for facial hair: sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck.

 soI have not experienced long term smoothness yet and hair does grow back just not as long. Will I see results by my last 2 treatments? I am... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Induce Hair Growth in Surrounding Areas?

I am North Indian (not very fair but not dark either), and have fine dark hair growing on my neck (more towards the jawline). Is it possible to get... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn - Should I Switch to a Yag Laser?

I am a Fitz IV and I've just have just had one session of the diode lightsheer on my chin,lip and neck. I got badly burned on the chin and neck but... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Treatment

I had a full-face laser hair removal treatment done with Alex. laser about 2.5 weeks ago. About 5 days after the treatment I was exposed to the sun... READ MORE

Best Laser for Hair Removal on Skin Type III or IV?

I am thinking to do laser hair removal on my chest and neck but I am not sure which one is the best suitable laser for me, Alexandrite, Diode or other... READ MORE

Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I am currently seeking laser hair removal for chin,neck and lip area . I currently shave and tweeze everyday for those areas . Do I contact a... READ MORE

Laser hair removal stimulated hair growth! Am I stuck with this new darker hair for ever?

I'd been getting laser treatment to remove unwanted hair in the sideburn and neck area. In the first few treatments it seemed to work, then after the... READ MORE

Are the Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Permanent?

Seven months ago I went to a dermatologist for laser hair removal in my neck. Two days after I had blisters, and the skin became darker. I was worried... READ MORE

How Can I Stop Folliculitis From Spreading Every Time I Get Laser Hair Removal?

Ever since I've started getting laser hair removal on my back, shoulders, and nape of neck I've been experiencing what has been diagnosed by multiple... READ MORE

after 2 years of laser hair removal, why do i still have hair?

I have been removing some hair from my chin , neck and cheeks, (few of them , not too much) , and i feel like everytime , a new hair is growing in... READ MORE

Alexandrite laser hair removal on upper lip, chin and neck.

Hello I had my first laser treatment 4 days ago and today I have had to shave as the hairs have grown rapidly since then,keep reading about shedding... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal done yesterday afternoon. My whole lower face cheeks side burns. Is this normal? (photos)

, my whole lower face cheeks side burns and my neck and chin . My face is fine except my chin and my right side of the neck it looks horrible !! Is... READ MORE

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