Medication + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal While Taking 800mg of Metformin?

I Take 800 Mg of Metformin (Glucophage) Each Day. Can I Have a Laser Hair Removal? READ MORE

What Medications Can Cause Side Effects with Laser for Hair Removal?

I have tried to have laser hair removal done and have had very bad side effect with blistering. I have been tested with all laser available and have... READ MORE

Can I undergo laser hair removal whilst on acne medication/epiduo?

Hi, im going in for my second laser hair removal treatment on the facial area, is it okay to do this whilst using a cream medication (Epiduo ) on my... READ MORE

Is safe to do a Laser Hair Removal treatment while on predisolone and azathoprine?

I have auto immune chronic hepitis been on medication for 14 years I get a lot of boils in the groin area and always told nothing dr can do coz of... READ MORE

Is Plaquenil and/or Xarelto medications likely to make me photosensitive? They were flagged during hair removal.

I take plaquenil for connective tissue disease and xarelto for previous venous thrombosis... I was doing laser without problem but when I updated... READ MORE

Any side effects of doing laser hair removal while taking Zoloft 50mg?

I started laser hair removal a couple months ago and just recently I started taking Zoloft 50mg. Are there any side effects? Should I not do it if I'm... READ MORE

laser hair removal ?

Hi , i am thinking about laser hair removal , i just wanna know if it's safe, i have fair skin, light brown hair & few moles on my skin .. i had been... READ MORE

Diagnosed with PCOD and facial hair: Slow Results with Laser Hair Removal

I am given laser hair reduction treatment but have very slow result.. Do i need to go to endocrinologist to take oral medicine? Which medicine should... READ MORE

Can I undergo laser hair removal for my face when I'm using perscribed acne medication? (photo)

Hi, I'm a Mexican female. My acne is pretty low, but it used to be a little moderate. I once used a hair removal cream for the face, and it made me... READ MORE

Laser hair removal reaction. Any suggestions?

I had laser hair removal treatment two days ago on my legs. I had taken a medication for a cold the day before and this seems to have produced a... READ MORE

After completion of laser treatment, can I opt for facial epilator for removing chin little dark hairs?

I had been taking laser hair removal treatment since 2012 (6+ session @kaya skin clinic)...then in 2014 i consulted endocrinologist..she referred me... READ MORE

Do these medications interact with laser hair removal or cause burns?

I want to know if I should stop these medications before or after laser hair removal so it doesn't cause burns or make it less effective and by how... READ MORE

I would like Soprano laser hair removal to my underarms but am on strong medications. Any suggestions?

I have rheumatoid arthritis and am on several medications. The clinic I approached asked their cosmetic surgeon if we should go ahead and he... READ MORE

Is it safe for a Person on Anastrozole/pamidronate (After a Mastectomy) to Do Laser Hair Removal?

I have breast cancer that has metastasized to my liver and bones (back and pelvis), but am stable, with my current medications. I would like to do... READ MORE

Can I get 12 sesions of laser hair removal treatment while taking venlafaxine ?

Hello I want to know if I can go for a laser hair removal tratment while taking and going to keep taking for 2 more years venlafaxine, could this... READ MORE

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