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What's the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The clinics near me offer a number of different laser machines. names like Light Sheer, IPL, Yag, Duet, Cool Glide.  What do the medical expert... READ MORE

Is GentleMax Laser the Best for Hair Removal?

I have several areas i want to remove hair from. i want to use only the best possible laser. is gentle max the best? if not, what is? thankyou v. much! READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine out There?

I see a lot of deals for laser hair removal and wanted to know which ones are more effective then others? Is the soft light laser any good? READ MORE

I Want to Buy Salon Essentials Hair Removal Laser X60. Is It Good Machine?

I have fair skin with dark hair.I want to use this machine to remove hair in my face and my legs.Does it useful and get best result or not? READ MORE

I Have Very Dark Hair and Very Light Skin. Which Laser Method Would Be Best for Me?

I have very dark hair, with light Irish skin coloring. Which laser hair removal system would be best for my thick course leg hair? READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Machine in the Market?

We are in SPA business for last 10 years and would like to buy Laser Machine for Hair removal. Which is the best Laser m/c. available in the market.... READ MORE

Most Effective Hair Removal Lasers or Machine?

Which are the most effective laser types or machines for removing unwanted hair? How do these compare to the home hair removal systems like Tria? READ MORE

Will Change of Machine Effect the Treatment?

I've dark hair on my face and am undergoing laser treatment. I've completed 10 sittings but the improvement isn't substantial cause of the... READ MORE

How Much is a Hair Removal Macine?

I realize there are different types & brands. Im interested in buying one need to know what I'm looking at, price wise. Thank you! READ MORE

Does a Laser Hair Removal Machine Only Remove Hair or Does It Have Other Purposes As Well?

I've heard of other laser treatments that can treat fine lines, sun damage, red spots and so on. So my quesion really is does one laser have to... READ MORE

I want Laser Hair Removal to my full bikini area. I have dark black hair and my skin color is fair. What machine would suit me?

Im confused which laser hair machine would suit me, Im looking for the latest hair removal machines and the ones which are less painfull. thanks. READ MORE

I want to buy a light sheer laser hair removal machine for my own personal use, which one do you recommend?

I tried sessions professionally but each session is too expensive, I figured that if I buy a light sheer laser hair removal machine would be less... READ MORE

Which Laser Hair Removal Machine is Best for my Skin is White color and dark hair?

Could you please advise me that which Laser Machine is best for white color skin (not too white) and dark hair as I got consultation with Laser... READ MORE

How to choose clinic and right machine for Laser Hair Removal?

I'm in the process of choosing clinic to make my lhr. How to make the right choice. How to choose between different machines represented in the... READ MORE

Permanently removing hair. What is the latest and best machine?

Is there is a different between soft light or mid light and laser What is the latest and the best machine..for this matter,, Is the nurse or tiqnition... READ MORE

Is it safe to go to a saloon for hair removal using 3D IPL Laser machine?

Well, I saw this offer in one of the Saloon for hair remover using 3D IPL Laser machine, and I was wondering if it safe to go to Saloon to do it?... READ MORE

Are there any new laser hair machines that work for blonde hair?

I have blonde hair and am finding it hard to find any new information about technology that will work for me. Is there anything out there? READ MORE

Why do people who are not dermatologists or surgeons allowed to practice Laser Hair Removal services?

Seriously, why isn't Laser Hair Removal considered a medical procedure that should only be used for those with a medical reason ? With so many damage... READ MORE

Which laser machine is more effective with blonde hair?

I want to get rid of my under arms dark blond hair I tried one candela session but nothing happened READ MORE

Will Change in Laser Hair Removal Machine Effect Hair Growth?

I have olive skin and black hair. I have been doing laser hair removal on my face for 3 years now. The office has recently changed their machine from... READ MORE

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