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How Long Should I Stay out of the Sun After Laser Hair Removal?

Hello, I received my first laser hair removal treatment for my underarms using the Alexandrite Candela GentleLase laser. The doctor advised me to... READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Hair Removal on Scarred Area?

I've had laser resurfacing done on my face 5 years ago, and it has left me with a scar above my lip where I'm thinking of having laser hair... READ MORE

Facial Hair Removal on Indian Skin- Not Working. Which Laser is Best?

 I Had Laser Hair Removal Several Years Ago with a Lyra Laser- Hair Grew Back. I Now Had a Treatment with Gentleyag 3 Days ago.I am East Indian... READ MORE

Is IPL or the Cutera Laser Machine Better for Permanent Hair Removal? (Asian Skin)

My daughter and myself are currently going for laser treatments.  The salon we go to are using the cutera laser machine.  Will it help for... READ MORE

Can I still shave normally after and in between treatments of Laser Hair Removal?

I read that "The treated hair will continue to appear for 7-30 days post-treatment" following laser hair removal. Can I still shave normally... READ MORE

Bumps on my vaginal area, after my laser hair removal.

I had a laser hair removal done recently, it is my 3rd session, but since that last session I've noticed that I had some bumps that won't go away.... READ MORE

I Have Very Light Blonde Hair, is There a Laser to Remove Said Hair on my Chin?

I Have Very Light Blonde Hair, is There a Laser to Remove Said Hair on my Chin? READ MORE

Will a Reduced Temperature For The Laser Reduce The Effectiveness?

Will reduced temperature of the laser effect the improvement in hair growth negatively? The Doctor reduced the temperature this time saying that the... READ MORE

Is One Yag Laser Better Than Other Yags for Hair Removal?

Also, one doctor told me there is a risk of of hyperpigmentation with the cryogen spray on the gentleyag so to use a different yag? is this accurate?... READ MORE

Do I need to stick to the laser facial hair removal 4weeks treatment regime even if no significant regrowth?

Hi there, I am an asian female and recently had 2 sessions of ndyag laser chin hair removal 4 weeks apart. I have very few hairs in chin now and am... READ MORE

Why do people who are not dermatologists or surgeons allowed to practice Laser Hair Removal services?

Seriously, why isn't Laser Hair Removal considered a medical procedure that should only be used for those with a medical reason ? With so many damage... READ MORE

Will the colour of my raised mole ever come back? If not, is there anything I can do to bring it back?

10 years ago I was getting laser hair removal on my upper lip when an inexperienced replacement staff lasered over the Cindy Crawford like mole on the... READ MORE

Laser treatments/hair removal & additional hair growth encouraged/likely; low fluence

So a md on this site posted the following: "Low fluence (energy) laser treatments have been shown to cause increased hair growth in some...We would... READ MORE

Does facial hair/shaving impact the effectiveness of Keloid Injections and Laser Therapy on Facial Keloids?

I have keloids on my jawline, both sides. I have been doing a combination of laser therapy and keloid injections in 3 week intervals. My keloids came... READ MORE

Is DepiLight Laser the Same As Lightsheer Duet?

I recently had a session of laser hair removal with a machine called DepiLight. Is this the same as the LightSheer Duet machine? I can't find much... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal be activating my skin to make vitamin D?

Before I started doing laser hair removal (arms, forearms, legs, bikini, face, basically everywhere), I had below normal vitamin D levels. I recently... READ MORE

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