Hypopigmentation + Laser Hair Removal

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Hypopigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

I Had a laser done, got burned and now I'm left with white marks. Will they go away? What can I do? I'm terrified since I'm a fitness... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation from Laser Hair Removal Burns

I had laser hair removal on my arm almost 6 months ago. The burn areas have healed, but now I am left with white areas that will not fade or tan. Is... READ MORE

Delayed Hypopigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

I had laser hair removal on my lower legs with the Candela GentalYag (1064nm 18 spot size). I only had redness for a day afterward, no burns, no... READ MORE

How to Fade Pigmentation from Laser Hair Removal?

I had my Laser Hair Removal 3 weeks ago, but my legs are now full with mix hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. I am worried and want to ask what... READ MORE

Do You Think the White Spots Will Fade Away After Hair Removal? (photo)

Hello, It's been 2 and a half months after I got burn from FPL (fluorescent pulse light) for hair removal (on my first visit). My burns didn't... READ MORE

Options for White Scar After Laser Hair Removal

I had a Laser hair removal and it left me with white circular scars (the shape of the laser head) all over my leg. They look like fish scales. The... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on Labia After Laser Hair Removal

After my first session( one week ago) i was left with 2 burns on my labia. after 3 days they scabbed and left w white mark they look horrible in real... READ MORE

If this is hypopigmentation, is it permanent? How long before it will fade back to normal? (photo)

Used Silk n Flash & Go on lower legs. I had sun exposure a few days ago but decided to go for it anyway (impatience & vanity! Ugh) figuring if... READ MORE

How long will it take to recover from laser hair removal burns, or will they be permanent? (Photo)

I had laser hair removal ten days ago and got badly burned. The scabs are peeling and here is extensive hypo pigmentation occurring. I'm horrified... READ MORE

Should I Stop Laser Hair Removal if my First Session Resulted in Hypopigmentation?

I have been doing laser hair removal treatments for almost a year now and until recently have been very happy with the results. I started with... READ MORE

Can Hypopigmentation Be Caused By Mucous on Lips After Alexandrite Laser?

I had hair removal treatment with laser on the 3/3/12.It was used Alexandrite laser.It was used on the lip line and on the lips without really... READ MORE

White skin after laser hair removal, is it permanent?

After laser hair removal, some spots got burnt.They healed up but the burnt spots are now completely white. Anyway i did research and it seems to be... READ MORE

How to treat hypopigmentation after laser hair removal? (Photo)

I got my 7th laser hair removal treatment on the bikini area (two weeks ago) and I been experiencing hypopigmentation. It started off with scar-like... READ MORE

Burns and Pain from Laser hair removal. How do I prevent scarring and hyper or hypopigmentation?

I had LHR day before yesterday, the 'dermatol..' used a high setting and exposed my skin for long. My face was burning for hrs. I woke up with dark... READ MORE

Will further laser hair removal make my hypo and hyper-pigmentation worse? (photos)

Hi See photos of my legs (had electrolysis 2 months ago, still not completely healed). When can I have laser hair removal in that area? Can it damage... READ MORE

Sheer light laser hair removal, what will happen? (Photo)

So i have Done lightsheer laser 2 before on my hole lower body, and it has been fine . Got some minimal burns that went away. I did sheer light laser... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation, is it permanent? How to shorten healing time? please help (Photo)

I have had laser hair removal 3 months ago,I was burned and now have hypo pigmentation. Doctors are suggesting I stay patient and stay out of the sun... READ MORE

Are these hypopigmentation spots ever going to fade?? (photos)

Hi, i got laser hair removal done on both my arms 3 weeks ago, and unfortunately, i got burned. The spots at first were dark, but they peeled off and... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Hypopigment Scars from Laser Hair Removal on my Legs? (photo)

I have laser hair removal on my legs and I am now left with 20+ white marks on my legs from the burns I received. How can I get rid of these marks?... READ MORE

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