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Proper Laser Hair Removal Burn Treatment?

If you've been burned after a laser hair removal treatment, e.g. laser OD, is there a proper general burn treatment, particularly to maximize... READ MORE

Will my Laser Hair Removal Burn Heal Without Scars or Hyperpigmentation?

Hi there, A week ago I went to the laser clinic for my 3rd treatment for hair removal and I got burned. This time around it was a different technician... READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments at Close Intervals?

I have gotten one treatment for laser hair removal, but i need to get it done and over with fast. Is there anyway that I can speed up this long... READ MORE

Close to 5 Weeks Healing Time on Laser Hair Removal Burn?

I had my 1st session of Laser Hair removal almost 5 weeks ago, & ONE side of my face is burned and still healing. The laser center claims that the... READ MORE

After Bikini Laser Hair Removal Its Still Burning and I'm Uncomfortable, How Long Until it Heels?

I had my Bikini Laser treatment last Friday and its still feel like burning in my private areas im applying Vaseline so feel comfortable, what shall i... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn - Permanent? Treatment? (photo)

I had laser hair removal on the back of my neck yesterday. I've gotten it before at the same clinic and everything has been fine. My skin seemed a... READ MORE

Can I Have Laser Hair Removal Before a Hot Summer Holiday Which is in 2.5 Weeks Time?

I'm off to the mediterrenean this summer in about 2 and half weeks and have been having a lot of hair issues due to medical conditions. I am aiming to... READ MORE

How to heal a tattoo that has been lasered by a hair removal laser?

Hi, My girlfriend had a laser hair removal session and the tech mistakenly lasered over part of a tattoo on her lower leg. A thick black scab is... READ MORE

l had a laser hair removal session and I got burnt. Is it permanent? (Photo)

The burn is getting itchy and it is pealing. Please I would like to know if my burns are permenant and what I can I do to help heal faster.thanks READ MORE

3 weeks post op Laser hair removal, I still have redness and inflammation. Is my skin damage?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my legs 3 weeks ago. I still have redness and inflammation around the follicles all over my legs. I... READ MORE

How to effectively treat this laser hair removal burn (underarm) in order to heal fast and prevent pigmentation changes? (Photo)

I have been going to this clinic for 3 months now (3rd full leg treatment, 1st arm treatment)... and the tech was nice enough to offer to do my... READ MORE

Burned After Bikini Laser Hair Removal

I had 7 bikini laser hair treatments with no problem, the 8th treatment left me badly burned and scarred. I am putting hydroquinone bleaching cream... READ MORE

Burned on clitoris.. How do I heal it?

What do u suggest ?? I had a laser treatment 2 days ago .. apparently after the effect of EMLA passed out I started to realize that I got burned on my... READ MORE

Would Scar from Laser Hair Removal Heal? (photo)

Hello, I had my first laser hair removal treatment a week ago, and am very concerned about the condition of my skin. The treatment was very painful,... READ MORE

Blister after laser hair removal. Is there anything else I need to to? (photos)

I have a blister from laser hair removal as well as swollen cheeks. It started out filled with fluid but it has drained now. This was 5 days ago. I am... READ MORE

I have extreme ingrown hairs on my pubic area. Would laser treatment be best? (Photos)

I have extreme ingrown hairs in my pubic area and bikini line. I do not shave at all and I still get them. My hair is extremely course down there and... READ MORE

How can I speed up the healing of hypopigmentation from laser burns?

I had laser hair removal treatment 2 months ago and got burnt. Now i have hypo pigmentation all over my left arm. I went to the dr he said it'll go... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation, is it permanent? How to shorten healing time? please help (Photo)

I have had laser hair removal 3 months ago,I was burned and now have hypo pigmentation. Doctors are suggesting I stay patient and stay out of the sun... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn Not Healing

I've been having laser hair removal procedures for some time with no problems. Last week during a Brazilian treatment the laser slipped and was... READ MORE

How long will it take for it to go? Will it heal to my skin colour? How can I help the healing process? (Photo)

I went for my 4th session for hair laser romval, before the treatment the lady shaved my hairs applied gel and an ice pack then started with the... READ MORE

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