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How to Remove Unwanted Hair on Forehead w/o Harming Hairline Area?

My goal is to remove unwanted hair near the hairline area without harming the hairline. My plan would be use a wet (wooden) tongue depressor to shield... READ MORE

Changing forehead and hairline. Forehead is too narrow looking to widen it don't know what the best option is. (Photo)

I have a very small forehead as my hairline has a uncommon shape. I cannot stand my hairline and ever since i have started shaving it to look more... READ MORE

I want to remove hair from forehead permanently. Any suggestions? (photos)

How can I remove my hair from my forehead permanently without any lazer and without any surgery I can't shave it now I get suck of it READ MORE

Will getting laser hair removal on my forehead and hairline look natural? As if the hairs were never there? (photos)

I have a lot of noticeable hairs in my forehead and slot of baby hairs around my hairline I would like to get rid. My hair line is not straight which... READ MORE

My forehead was really small since I had to shave a little bit of it. (photo)

My forehead was really small since childhood.. so i had to shave a lit bit it to make the hairline straight and go a little above so my forehead looks... READ MORE

Will the hair on my forehead and eyebrows grow back after a messy laser removal? Can i do anything to stimulte growth?

Originally my hairline was very low: 1st treatment- she lasered a small amount as requested 2nd- she lasered a LOT more which I didn't ask for. 3rd-... READ MORE

Burn marks from Laser Hair Removal. The laser was Palomar Vectus Laser and my forehead stings quite a bit. Any insight? (Photo)

Hi there I got Laser Hair Removal and I appeared to be burnt as I have some dark burn marks on my skin. The laser was Palomar Vectus Laser and my... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove hair from your hairline with laser hair removal permanently? Will it look natural/ pretty afterwards?

Is it possible to remove unwanted hair from your hairline with laser hair removal to achieve higher/bigger forehead? And afterwards will it look like... READ MORE

Skin and hair burn due to Laser Hair Removal SCAR( skin burn ) SEMI-burnt ( curly hair ) BURNT HAIR RE-GROWTH. (photos) I got my forehead and upper-lip hair removal by laser ( first sitting ) and accidentally my skin got burnt and good part of my eye brow... READ MORE

Will hair grow after laser hair treatment? (photo)

I lasered my baby hair on my forehead ,7 years ago,i now regret this decision ,my forehead looks awful ! Will the hair grow over time? And can i do... READ MORE

Contemplating laser hair removal. Should I be worried about paradoxical hair growth on my face?

I'm mid 20's. I have hair on the side of my face & sides of forehead. I've had consults for electrolysis but they said there'd be risk of scarring & i... READ MORE

Can we regrow hair removed by 2 Sessions of laser hair removal ?

I have used laser to remove few hairs from my forehead (both sides of forehead). Is it possible to regrow those hairs ? It has been 7 months I removed... READ MORE

Is it safe to get laser hair removal on forehead below hairline?

Hi i am a 20 year old female and have an embarassing problem. I shaved my baby hairs a few years ago drunk and stupid and now a dark patch of stubble... READ MORE

Can You Remove Hair from Forehead Using Plastic Surgery?

Can you remove hair from forehead using plastic surgery for 15 yr old boy. The forehead is almost 70% covered with hair. The hair is very thick on the... READ MORE

Is there a machine that stimulates hair growth after laser treatment for hair removal? (Photo)

I had my baby hair , on my forehead ,removed using laser diode , and i now regret this decision deeply. Its been 6 years. Is there a machine or any... READ MORE

Can I achieve higher hairline with laser hair removal so my new big forehead will look like the hair were never there?

Is it possible to remove unwanted hair from your hairline with laser hair removal to achieve higher/bigger forehead? And afterwards will it look like... READ MORE

I have a very small forehead. Even in that small space, some hairs grow. (Photo)

I am just 32 but look 40 because of excessive hairs in forehead and also of excessive grey hairs. How to increase my forehead without harming my skin... READ MORE

After my facial Laser Hair Removal, I noticed I'm losing hair on my forehead. Is there anyway that the hair will grow again?

I do facial hair by laser time by time i found that i losing my forhead hear the hair become softer thinner is there any way that the hair can grow... READ MORE

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