Fair Skin + Laser Hair Removal

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I Want to Buy Salon Essentials Hair Removal Laser X60. Is It Good Machine?

I have fair skin with dark hair.I want to use this machine to remove hair in my face and my legs.Does it useful and get best result or not? READ MORE

I Have Very Dark Hair and Very Light Skin. Which Laser Method Would Be Best for Me?

I have very dark hair, with light Irish skin coloring. Which laser hair removal system would be best for my thick course leg hair? READ MORE

Hair Removal for Fine Abdomen and Chest Hair on Light Skin

I am a 22 year old female and have hair growing all over my abdomen (especially down the midline and the midline below my belly button) and all over... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Folliculitis on my Chest?

I have had it for the past two year. I have very fair skin with white hair so I don't think laser hair removal will work. I'm also for the most part... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Affect My Eczema?

I Am a Sixteen Year Old Girl, I suffer from eczema, mostly on my legs and arms, and I want to have a laser hair removal as my leg's hair is... READ MORE

Syneron El?s Vs. Candela Gentlelase

Hi. I'm considering doing full body laser hair removal. I found 2 clinics that seem okay - they use 2 lasers Syneron Elōs technology and Candela ... READ MORE

Is Laser Hair Removal Possible for Redheads?

I had a consultation just over a year ago regarding hair removal (bikini), at the time I was given a 40% potential success rate. The reason being i am... READ MORE

Which Laser is Safest for my Face? Fair Skin & Dark Hair

I'm considering getting laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin. I'm a Caucasian female with fair skin and dark hair. If I'm not... READ MORE

Questions About Laser Hair Removal For Sensitive Fair Skin And Fine Dark Hair?

Worried as I had a bad exp with ipl, will really appreciate if someone can ans these. I have sensitive, fair skin and fine dark hair. 1. Will hair... READ MORE

Best Laser for Hair Removal and Pigmentation?

I get a horrible pigmentation on my arms after any form of hair removal. Is there any laser or other treatment that can help me get rid of the... READ MORE

Will Change of Machine Effect the Treatment?

I've dark hair on my face and am undergoing laser treatment. I've completed 10 sittings but the improvement isn't substantial cause of the... READ MORE

How Safe is Laser Hair Removal for Fair Skin?

I have blue eyes, brown hair, alabaster skin, burn easily, some freckles on face/areas exposed to sun but none on areas that aren't exposed) The... READ MORE

When Should I Stop Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

I'v been 10 times since Dec. 2007 for laser treatments and been using Light Sheer. First 8 sessions were after 6 weeks regularly and last two in... READ MORE

Differences Between Hair Removal Laser Processes. What Do You Recommend For Fair, Sensitive Skin?

My daugher, 14.5 years has been recently diagnosed with PCOS due to her irregular periods, hormone levels, excess hair and back acne. We are starting... READ MORE

Is Laser Treatment Safe for 20 Years Old?

I am 20 years old,i have fair skin and have excessive hair on my face.i might have imbalanced hormones ,thats why there was a sudden hair growth.i had... READ MORE

Which is the Best Laser for Dark Fine Hair ?

I was going to a place for laser hair removal on my arms and abdomen where they were using GentleLase to treat me (the technician set it at level 14).... READ MORE

Lazer Hair Removal on Mans Face?

How do i choose the best location/doctor esthetician for laser hair removal on a mans face. Please give me questions to ask? should i go to a... READ MORE

Is Duetto Mt by Quanta System a Good Machine Laser for FINE Vellus Hair on Face, Neck, Abdomen Back and Chest? (photo)

I have light white skin and black hair . Am I supposed to use laser or electrolysis for this type of hair ? Is it true that electrosys is more... READ MORE

Will I ever stop needing laser hair removal on my face?

I started treatments in 2010 on my sideburns and beard line area(I have black hair and fair skin). I've been doing one session every 6 weeks ever... READ MORE

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