Facial Hair + Laser Hair Removal

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Waxing and Plucking After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

After what time can a person wax, tweeze, pluck or use creams if they used laser hair remover only once or had number of treatment, but do not plan to... READ MORE

Plucking Hair Immediately After Laser Hair Treatment

Hi, doctor. i have few strays of hair on chin area. i do the laser at home and after treatment, i pluck the hair out immediately. Will it affect the... READ MORE

Im a 32 Years Old Man Who Did Laser Hair Removal on my Beard and Now I Want It Back What Can I Do? (photo)

I did laser hair removal with the light sheer six years agoon my facial hair when i had full beard...and its dark hair...now i have very little hair... READ MORE

Dark skin after waxing in chin, what to do? (photo)

Hi doctor,i used waxing to remove hair from face but skin stayed darker after almost 2 years,i don't know how to remove it and it looks like hair and... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Laser for Facial Hair

Hi I'm of asian indian origin with a very fair complexion. I got hyperpigmentation after laser treatment for facial hair. I've been using... READ MORE

I've had 6 of 8 treatments with medlite c laser for facial hair: sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck.

 soI have not experienced long term smoothness yet and hair does grow back just not as long. Will I see results by my last 2 treatments? I am... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Just to *thin Out/reduce* Hair?

I'm a MALE and there's a few areas on my body where I'd like to reduce/thin out the hair...but not completely remove it all. Is this possible? For... READ MORE

Can I Use Laser to Reduce Hair Instead of Removing Completely?

I have really dense facial hair that looks more like black paint on my face. Can I use laser hair removal to reduce the number of hair or thin them... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Chin Hair Removal (Indian Skin Type)?

I am 31 years old Indian lady whith wheatish complection having hard and dark hair on my chin . which type of laser treatment is best for me nd yag or... READ MORE

Dark Spots and Facial Hair PCOS?

I have terrible dark spots due to dhave facial hair. I have pcos. What can i do to get rid of the spots an what laser treatment is best for facial... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Work on my Olive Skin and Thick Hair? (photo)

I'm a 26 year old woman of Mediterranean descent. I have struggled with excessive body and facial hair since I was 8. I was put on birth control pills... READ MORE

Cynosure for Hair Under Chin? (Dark-Skinned African American Female)

I am a dark skin african american female. I have a small to moderate amount of black hairs underneath my chin. I heard that lasers may scar or burn... READ MORE

Is it necessary to shave OR wait for the bleached facial hair to wear off before IPL hair removal?

I would like to know if 1. it is necessary to shave my cheek & upperlips for the treatment because shaving has always made my hair thicker on my... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Get Blurred Vision After Laser Treatment for Facial Hair Removal?

I have been going for laser therapy to remove facial hair, whenever I'm done I immediately experience blurred vision for 20 to 30 minutes and then my... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal for Patient of East Indian Descent?

Can anyone tell me what type of laser I should ask for when getting Laser hair removal treatment? I am of East Indian descent and have not so fair skin. READ MORE

Hirsutism? Lasers Didn't Help

I need some serious advice. I am female, 29yrs blue eyes natural mousey blonde hair eastern european decent not overweight regular periods no deep... READ MORE

What Can Be Done on Few Hair in Jaw Area?

Hi, I am 19 years old and I have few facial hair on my jaw. As I have a fair complexion, it looks and feel so bad, so please suggest me what I can do... READ MORE

Facial Laser Hair Removal, Breakout Acne or Folliculitis?

Hi, I am 28, female, never had acne before. I am having facial hair removal and have done 6th sessions so far. Since my 3rd treatment my skin has... READ MORE

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