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Is laser hair removal on penis safe and effective? I have a problem with hair growth up to the circumcision scar.

I'm looking to get hair removed from my penis shaft it goes all the way up to the circumcision scar ...What is the best option electrolysis or laser... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Remove A Full Beard? (photo)

I am 50 Year Old Persian Female Living in Kansas & Living with a Full Beard Since I Was 5. I'm Tired but Hopefull. I wish & pray daily so II... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Tan Skin in NYC?

Hello, I have been looking for a reputable place for laser hair removal for some time now. I have tan skin and would like to go somewhere where they... READ MORE

Please Help Recommend a Good Clinic for Laser Hair Removal in Chicago!

Hello and thank you for your time. For the past few weeks ive been searching high and low to find a good clinic around the chicago area to do a laser... READ MORE

Toronto Laser Hair Removal Recommendation

Where are some good places for Hair removal in and around the GTA?  I am looking for a good place to go to get laser hair removal. I have olive... READ MORE

I have heard of laser hair removal treatment. Is it permanent or temporary? Suggest a good clinic.

I have heard of laser hair removal treatment. Is it permanent or temporary? Suggest a good clinic READ MORE

How do I choose a provider for laser hair removal?

How do I know own if am going to someone who really knows what they are doing? I'm scared I will get burned. Is there board certification? Do I go to... READ MORE

Laser hair removal on dark skin performed successfully in New York ?

I live in New York. I'm an African American female with dark brown skin. Im really interested in laser hair removal. I scar easily and suffer from... READ MORE

Recommendations for laser hair removal? Preferably a place that uses the Lumenis Light Sheer Duet in the Atlanta/Alpharetta area

I have been doing an incredible amount of research and spending much time, probably too much time, finding a place to get laser hair removal done. I... READ MORE

I am African American and I need to find a dermatologist for laser hair removal?

I hear there is a certain laser that has to be used for my dark skin tone. What laser should be used? What questions should I ask when scheduling an... READ MORE

Looking for dermatologist office that has an Alexandrite GentleLase machine on-site for hair removal

I've had treatment with this machine before and I prefer it. Would like to know which derm offices in OC or LA area have one? Thank you READ MORE

Best Clinic in Hyderabad, India for Laser Hair Removal?

Hi, I would like to know which clinic in Hyderabad, India offers the best result worth the money for removing unwanted facial hair. READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Recommendation in Illinois?

I am looking for a place to get Laser hair removal in Illinois or the Midwest (I live in Bloomington, IL but I am willing to travel). I am of East... READ MORE

Hair Removal Treatment Dermatologist in Cincinnati, Ohio?

I'm looking for good dermatologist in Cincinnati, Ohio for hair removal. I have facial hair, very fair skin and freckles. My natural hair is... READ MORE

Where can I find a Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Toronto using Alexandrite Gentlelase?

Hi! I started a hair removal traitment in Saskatchewan, then I moved in Toronto. I want to continue to use the technology they were using, which is... READ MORE

Recommendation for Laser Hair removal in Seattle area or preferably North of Seattle.

I am scared to go to these new clinics that are popping up everywhere. I have been scammed once by those clinics before, when they took my money and... READ MORE

I am looking for a dermatologist in Toronto who does laser hair removal. Any recommendations?

I wan to do a full body hair removal including privates. I have brown uneven skin and am terrified of being permanently scarred. So I want someone who... READ MORE

Laser hair removal on scalp?

Is there any doctor in the Midwest that has, or willing, to do laser hair removal on the scalp? I will have laser resurfacing for scars on my scalp in... READ MORE

How do I identify a physician who specializes In laser hair removal on African American skin in Miami area?

I am a 33 year old African American female who will be moving to the Miami area. I suffer with facial hair on my chin and upper lip and would like to... READ MORE

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