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How Much Time Is Allowed To Lapse Between Each Hair Laser Treatment?

I had 3 treatments so far each spaced 8-9 weeks apart. I will need to travel in summer for 3-4 months or more. Will it affect my treatment progress if... READ MORE

I Started Hair Removal Sessions and I Recently Found out I'm Pregnet. Can I Continue?

I'm only doing hair removal on my face,now that i'm pregnet should i stop my sessions? READ MORE

Is There a Reason That my Daughter Cannot Take Ampicillin While Receiving Laser Hair Removal?

My daughter takes 500 mg ampicillin daily for acne.The laser hair removal spa where she has an appointment said that she had to stop the ampicillin... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal and Time Before Sun Exposure?

Hi. How long after having a laser hair removal treatment (Soprano XL) should I leave it before sun exposure(e.g. hols). Also, I have 6 sessions booked... READ MORE

3 Laser Sessions for Facial Hair Done, Could Not Continue Because I Became Pregnant,what Should I Do Now?

I have had 3 laser sessions for my facial hair...but now i became pregnant and discontinued it ...since i read in many sites that its harmful for the... READ MORE

What if You Are Unable to Do All 6 Laser Removal Treatments in a Row?

I can only do 3 months of laser hair removal before I will be traveling for 5 months. Will my laser hair removal results be compromised if split the 6... READ MORE

Should I Discontinue Tretinoin to Do IPL Laser Treatments For Hair Removal?

Dear, I am doing IPL Laser Treatment for unwanted body hair. I also have to use Tretinoin for stretch marks (0.05%). Is this safe together or do i... READ MORE

ND Yag Candela Gentle Stimulated Hair Growth on my Back and Shoulders (photo)

I've been going to this hair removal clinic for 2 years now, and laser made the fine hair on my back longer and darker. I am naturally very light... READ MORE

Should I Discontinue Treatment After Laser Hair Treatment Allergic Reaction?

I recently had a laser hair removal treatment to my bikini & inner thigh area. The first treatment was great. The second treatment though I... READ MORE

After using Doxycycline, how long should I wait before I can get Laser Hair Removal?

I've been on doxycycline for a while maybe a year and I know it cause skin to become more sensitive to the sun and UV rays, how long must I be off the... READ MORE

Discoloration and Burns in Previous Session, Should I Discontinue Treatment?

Hello Doctor, Presently I am undergoing laser hair removal treatment for my face. Upon completing my second session I got severe burns in my lower lip... READ MORE

For Financial Reason I Have to Take a Break from Laser Hair Removal Treatments for 2 Months, Will That Ruin my Treatment?

I ran into car problems that ate into my savings. I have already gotten 4 treatments in the bikini area and I am scheduled to have the next one in a... READ MORE

Should I Continue Laser Hair Removal Treatment on my Legs if I Have Been Burnt After the First Session?

I had laser hair removal on my upper and lower legs, underarms, bikini line and upper lip the only place that burnt is my legs st the back. I went... READ MORE

What happens if I stop laser hair removal after 1 session?

I am undergoing laser treatment and completed my first session. I am not comfortable in continuing this. Could you please let me know what happens in... READ MORE

I do not want to continue my hair removing treatment further, will it cause any problem?

I have done laser hair removing treatment on my lips but only 1st session which i felt too much painful. But it was painful only on my upper lips &... READ MORE

Will discontinuing laser hair removal treatment effect my hair growth?

I am planing o do my 1st laser for under arms dis week. but im not sure about attending another session. so i just want to know, what will happen if i... READ MORE

If I don't continue laser treatment after one session, what will happen?

I have done one session of underarms laser hair reduction treatment and I don't want to continue it further, will it hamper me physically in any way? READ MORE

I had just one session of laser hair removal and I stopped. I have black hair on my chin. What happened? (Photo)

Hi ! I got one session of laser hair removal on my face 3 mounths ago in a dermatologist office and now what happened is horrible I start to see black... READ MORE

Laser hair removal. I don't want to continue the treatment. Will it lead to more hair growth?

I had used laser for two times.then my doctor said due to presence of white hairs i had to do elcetrolysis.I dont want to continue the treatment.So i... READ MORE

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