Diode + Laser Hair Removal

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How Can I Get Better Hair Removal Results?

I saw awesome results after I switched to Diode Laser hair removal from IPL. However, I saw that the hair is only reduced and not gone completely, it... READ MORE

Which Laser Manufacturer Builds the Best Diode Laser?

We have a few hair removal clinics here and I was thinking of getting some treatments done. I have Type 2 skin (I think) with dark hair. One clinic... READ MORE

First Session of Diode Laser Hair Removal Resulted in Blister on the Left Side of my Lower Lip.

The dermatologist has assured me this won't leave a scar but i am scared that it will. I am applying metafumeroate cream before applying my post... READ MORE

No Results Obtained After 5 Sittings of Diode Laser Plus 6 Sittings of Yag Laser, What to Do?

I have already taken 11sittings for facial hair removal but hair growth comes again with in 2months of the treatment. I am having dark toned skin. I... READ MORE

Is There Newer Technology That Allows Laser Hair Removal to Be Pain Free?

I was told by someone that there is newer technology which allows laser hair removal to be pain free or much less painful. i have fair skin and dark,... READ MORE

I Have Skin Type 3/4 and Would Like to Do Laser Hair Removal. Is There a Difference Better Diode or the Nd:YAG?

I have thick black hair so am unsure which treatment is most effective? I understand that a longer wave length is more suitable as I have a darker... READ MORE

What laser would suit my skin the best for laser hair removal? Diode Vs Nd:YAG laser. Please help me out

I'm a male, 22 years old and extremely hairy on my arms and legs. I want to start with laser hair removal. I think I'm a skin type 4 or more a 3,75.... READ MORE

How soon can I shave after a diode laser treatment?

I had my first treatment on my legs, bikini area and armpits today. The clinic advised me to shave two days prior which I did. I think my hair grows... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; diode, vpl or Alexandrite for hair reduction?

I have fair skin and i want the best result could you please recommend which one is better for me diode, vpl or Alexandrite for hair reduction and... READ MORE

I have thick dark hair and my skin is white. Why my diode laser hair removal is not so effective?

After my first session, i saw a large difference.. Hair fell off. After the second, less hair fell off. After the third nothing fell off although i... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal work on fine, visible, dark hair on face?

Does laser hair removal work on fine (still very visible), dark hair on cheeks, upper lip and chin area? I have light brown skin with dark hair. To be... READ MORE

I had diode laser on my legs and now I have black spots that look like ingrown hairs. How can I get rid of them?

Have done diode laser on my legs for 7days ago, now i have got some black spots on my legs, the spots are like ingrown hair or hair that dosent grow,... READ MORE

While doing research, I came across a new type of laser machine called the eVo Velocity 810. Is it effective?

The eVo Velocity 810 claims to be the 'king of laser hair removal equipment'. It claims to be painless, FDA approved and treats all 6 skin types. The... READ MORE

What is Common Initial Setting of Laser to Completely Remove Men's Beard?

My boyfriend is skin type 2 and his laser was alexandrite. Initially, setting was 8J and was increased to 9J for his touch-up, which was 2 weeks after... READ MORE

Does Diode Laser Hair Removal on my Bikini Area Have Any Negative Effects on my Ovaries?

I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and am getting diode laser hair removal on my bikini area. I am worried that this might have a negative effect... READ MORE

What gives better results alexandrite or diode?

I would like to do laser hair removal on my hairline (scalp-nape hairs) back and front. I am very confused about my options of going with a good... READ MORE

I am suffering from hormonal imbalance, should I go with Candela's Gentlemax pro or depilight diode laser for hair removal?

I am having brown skin, with black body hairs (Indian skin). I suffer from hormonal imbalance please recommend which laser machine be good for my skin... READ MORE

Is there a machine that stimulates hair growth after laser treatment for hair removal? (Photo)

I had my baby hair , on my forehead ,removed using laser diode , and i now regret this decision deeply. Its been 6 years. Is there a machine or any... READ MORE

Laser Epilation with Diode 808nm.. I Want to Do my Face and Underarms But am Afraid of Quality

The treatment with this laser was cheaper, so I'm afraid for quality. Can you give me some advice? I'm not tanned but my skin is not snow white, black... READ MORE

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