Dark Skin + Laser Hair Removal

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How to Prepare the Bikini Area Prior to Laser Removal?

I Am a Dark Skin Person. I am very prone to ingrown hair and bumps, and currently have a few. READ MORE

Are the ALMA Soprano Lasers Good for Dark Skin?

Are the ALMA Soprano lasers good for dark skin? for hair removal? READ MORE

Cynosure for Hair Under Chin? (Dark-Skinned African American Female)

I am a dark skin african american female. I have a small to moderate amount of black hairs underneath my chin. I heard that lasers may scar or burn... READ MORE

Solution for Ingown Hair All over Upper Lip and Beard? (photo)

Male medium dark skin I have what appears to be ingrown hair on my face and cheeks,where i shave on a regular basis. This gives me a very dark 5... READ MORE

Which laser machine is best? I am tired of wasting money and getting nothing. (photos)

Hello Which machine would you recommend best for hair removal? The " Epilia RF (320W 808nm Diode Plus RF Hair Removal )" or the Gentle-Lase pro? Diode... READ MORE

No Results Obtained After 5 Sittings of Diode Laser Plus 6 Sittings of Yag Laser, What to Do?

I have already taken 11sittings for facial hair removal but hair growth comes again with in 2months of the treatment. I am having dark toned skin. I... READ MORE

Is DUET Laser Hair Removal a Good Choice for Hispanic Skin Type?

I had one treatment with the new laser DUET and I didn't feel any pain, but I am not sure that was the best option for my skin color. I am... READ MORE

How Should I Treat Burns?

I Had Laser Hair Removal Done Using Light Sheer Duet and I Am Burned. I have medium dark skin with black hair and she started using setting six but I... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skinned Client w/ PCOS? (photos)

I am a 22 yo F interested in permanent hair removal of full arms and legs, underarms, and brazilian areas. I have PCOS, which yields excess body hair... READ MORE

Can facial hair be treated in any way other than laser? (photos)

I have always had facial hair but in the later years this has been even more of an issue. I need to wax my face every 4 weeks or else it looks like... READ MORE

I Am a Filippino Girl with Tanned Skin and Fine Black Hair. Which LHR Laser Will Work Best for Me?

I will be getting it done on my arms/legs/upper lip (fine and black), and brazilian/armpits (coarse and black). READ MORE

I Want to Get Laser Hair Removal but I'm Afraid of Its Effectiveness? (photo)

So, I want to get my bikini hair laser removed but my skin tone, although its not really dark, is dark. So with that being said, I'm just preoccupied... READ MORE

Why is my skin dark in color after my first laser hair removal session?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my chin 2 days ago, and ever since then the area seems dark around each hair follicle. I see little... READ MORE

Which laser is the best for dark skin? Is there any side effect for the laser for the pregnant women?

Which laser is the best for dark skin? and there is any side effect for the laser for the pregnant women? is the Indiag laser is the best for the dark... READ MORE

Laser hair removal for African American woman with seborrhic dermatitis. (photo)

I want to get laser hair removal for my chin and under arms. I am African American with dark skin what laser would work best for me? I also have... READ MORE

Cutera Coolglide Laser Good for Hair Removal on Dark Skin?

Is Cutera Coolglide Laser treatments' result on dark skin for longterm? I have gone through 6 laser(alexandrine) treatments on my face, i didn't get... READ MORE

Paradoxical Hair Growth?

I have done laser on my face and I got paradoxical hair growth on my face. I am dark skin and dark hair. I did not feel anything on my face during... READ MORE

Does ND-Yag Laser Help Long-term Hair Removal?

I search a lot and found ND-Yag laser is better for darker skin but i also found that It doesn't help for long term hair removal. I have some hair on... READ MORE

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