Dark Hair + Laser Hair Removal

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I Have Very Dark Hair and Very Light Skin. Which Laser Method Would Be Best for Me?

I have very dark hair, with light Irish skin coloring. Which laser hair removal system would be best for my thick course leg hair? READ MORE

Can I Do Laser Hair Removal on a Low Dose of Accutane?

I take 40 mg of accutane twice a week to help with my persistent acne. I take vitamin E and was also taking fish oil on the days that I took my... READ MORE

I Want to Buy Salon Essentials Hair Removal Laser X60. Is It Good Machine?

I have fair skin with dark hair.I want to use this machine to remove hair in my face and my legs.Does it useful and get best result or not? READ MORE

Dark skin after waxing in chin, what to do? (photo)

Hi doctor,i used waxing to remove hair from face but skin stayed darker after almost 2 years,i don't know how to remove it and it looks like hair and... READ MORE

What Can I Expect After One Laser Hair Removal Session for my Upper Body? (photo)

I am an Indian male with light brown skin and black hairs. I'm hairy but not that hairy, I just want my hairs on my arms, chest and abs to be less and... READ MORE

Soprano vs lightsheer?

I'm a pcos pt and I'm looking for perminant laser hair removal. I've doing a lot of research trying to find the best laser machine. My skin type is... READ MORE

I Would Like to Thin my Body Hairs by Laser Hair Removal?

Hello I have a pale skin and black dark hair. I would like to thin the hairs without make a bald patches. can I do this by laser hair removal? how... READ MORE

Is 12 J of Fluency Enough to Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction?

Hi I have received my last laser treatment with a new laser the lightsheer HS, the top fluence level go up to 12joules, and I was wondering if it was... READ MORE

How long will it take for the hairs to shed and the redness to subside? Using just moisturizer to soften skin. Any tips? (photos

Friday 11/14 @ 6PM I had my first laser hair removal on my neck/throat. Heavy dark beard with Caucasian skin, prone to ingrown hairs so decided to get... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Affect My Eczema?

I Am a Sixteen Year Old Girl, I suffer from eczema, mostly on my legs and arms, and I want to have a laser hair removal as my leg's hair is... READ MORE

Best Hair Removal Laser for a Latin Girl?

I want to start a laser hair removal treatment. But I am not sure which is the best laser for me. My hair is dark and my background is latin. My skin... READ MORE

How Far Up Can I Expect Them to Go for Full Legs?

I got a package for full brazillian plus extended bikini, but I still have dark coarse hair on the backs of my thighs (from the backs of my knees all... READ MORE

Why isn't laser hair removal working for me?

I have very dark this hair and my skin is very white. I'm of middle eastern decent. I've been doing laser hair removal for a while (a few years) but... READ MORE

Questions About Laser Hair Removal For Sensitive Fair Skin And Fine Dark Hair?

Worried as I had a bad exp with ipl, will really appreciate if someone can ans these. I have sensitive, fair skin and fine dark hair. 1. Will hair... READ MORE

Which Laser is Safest for my Face? Fair Skin & Dark Hair

I'm considering getting laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin. I'm a Caucasian female with fair skin and dark hair. If I'm not... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Thick Black Hair and Light, Sensitive Skin? I Am of Japanese Decent.

More specifically, I am looking into laser options for my legs and bikini area. My hair tends to grow very quickly after shaving and I have resorted... READ MORE

Does the alma soprano laser hair removal actually work?

I am very white and have dark thick hair, my family ethnically is a hispanic/ morrocan mix READ MORE

LightSheer Duet or Yag for Light Skinned South Asian With Dark Coarse Hair? (photo)

I am from Pakistan, with lighter skin than most South Asians with dark coarse hair - my skin also pigments dark brown with ingrown hair. I have done... READ MORE

When Should I Stop Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

I'v been 10 times since Dec. 2007 for laser treatments and been using Light Sheer. First 8 sessions were after 6 weeks regularly and last two in... READ MORE

Is Duetto Mt by Quanta System a Good Machine Laser for FINE Vellus Hair on Face, Neck, Abdomen Back and Chest? (photo)

I have light white skin and black hair . Am I supposed to use laser or electrolysis for this type of hair ? Is it true that electrosys is more... READ MORE

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