Combination + Laser Hair Removal

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Okay to Use Depilatory Creams Before and Inbetween Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

I know waxing, threading and plucking are not allowed, and bleaching is probably not recommended, but can depilatory creams be used instead of shaving? READ MORE

Retinol A and Laser Hair Removal

Can I do laser hair removal on my face while using retinol A? READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

I had laser hair removal treatment 1.5 year ago and i had second degreee burn!I am attaching pictures of my belly after few days after treatment and 1... READ MORE

Can I Bleach my Face in Between Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

I am getting laser hair remoaval treatment but i am on a break for about 4 months as i am abroad! id like to know if it is safe to bleach my facial... READ MORE

Can I Use Vaniqa While Having Laser Hair Removal?

I've read that laser hair removal is more effective when combined with Vaniqa yet a plastic surgeon told me today I should stop using the Vaniqa... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Stop Me from Getting Pregnant?

I am trying for a baby at the moment and just wanted to know if having laser treatment on my bikini, legs, bottom and underarms will stop me from... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal After VI Peel?

I just got a VI peel and realized I have a laser hair removal session appointment for my upper lip 7 days after the peel. Is this enough time between... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal - When Can I Start Minocin Acne Treatment?

I Am Doing my Last Laser Hair Removal Treatment Tomorrow, when Can I Start my Acne Treatment (Minocin) ? READ MORE

No Results With Laser Hair Removal, Can You Wax and Go Back to Laser Hair Removal?

Can you start where you left off if youve been using laser hair removal(its made hair somwhat finer) and you wanna wax then do laser hair removal... READ MORE

Hair Removal and Pigmentation Treatment Simultaneously, Does It Work?!

I'm 29 old girl with skin type3 and black hair,recently done with my whole body laser hair removal sessions(532nm,Nd:Yag)which was satisfactory... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal and Mole Removal be Done in the Same Session?

I was just wondering if IPL Laser hair Removal and Mole Removal can be done in the same session? READ MORE

Does 5% Minoxidil interact negatively with laser body hair removal?

So I have been using the %5 minoxidil for about two months now and I am already starting to notice new hair grown! I am; however, concerned that it... READ MORE

Is it okay to use monocyline during laser hair removal?

I am on 100 mg. My doctor said it shouldn't effect it but when i called there laser spa place they said no antibiotics 2 weeks prior. I forgot to... READ MORE

SmoothShapes and Laser Hair Removal

If Smoothshapes Applied to Body, Will the Laser Hair Removal Be Contraindicate? READ MORE

Candela Laser Hair Removal While Doing Miradry?

I am currently in the middle of doing Candela Gentlelase Laser Hair removal on my underarms and would like to start MiraDry for excessive sweating.... READ MORE

Any suggestions on sebaceous glands and sweat glands damaged after laser hair removal?

I had laser hair removal on my face with the lightsheer duet, before laser I had combination skin with my tzone being oily and my cheeks dry. Its now... READ MORE

Ok To Have Yag Laser Hair Removal 4 Weeks After Fractional Co2 Laser?

Hello.I'm a female in my early 20s with light olive skin complexion. I was thinking about getting fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing for... READ MORE

When Is It Safe to Do Laser Hair Removal After Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant?

It's Been a Week Since I Had a Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant. When is It Safe for Me to Do Lazer Hair Removal on my Face? How long do I need to... READ MORE

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