Cheeks + Laser Hair Removal

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I've had 6 of 8 treatments with medlite c laser for facial hair: sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck.

 soI have not experienced long term smoothness yet and hair does grow back just not as long. Will I see results by my last 2 treatments? I am... READ MORE

Electrolysis Vs Laser for Light Brown Indian Skin (Type IV) with Dark Black Hair

Hi there, I am an American of Indian Origin - living in New York. I am looking for permanent hair removal from my face (upper cheeks). My skin type is... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Fair Skinned British Indian?

I'm a British Indian guy with unsightly hair on face on the upper cheeks.  I have fair skin for an Indian as I live in England so sun exposure is... READ MORE

Does shaving after laser hair removal thicken the treated hairs (facial hair)?

I m done with 7 laser hair removal for my cheeks and i m a man..there is still weak hairs... i m shaving it every while...does shaving thiken the... READ MORE

I Am Black I Have Burn Face from Lazer Hair Removal, Will It Heal?

On my face on my cheeks left right and chin neck neck has a dark mark READ MORE

after 2 years of laser hair removal, why do i still have hair?

I have been removing some hair from my chin , neck and cheeks, (few of them , not too much) , and i feel like everytime , a new hair is growing in... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal done yesterday afternoon. My whole lower face cheeks side burns. Is this normal? (photos)

, my whole lower face cheeks side burns and my neck and chin . My face is fine except my chin and my right side of the neck it looks horrible !! Is... READ MORE

All I want to know is why laser treatment not actively effecting upon my facial hair?

I hav been trough 7 consective laser sessions.but it doesnt effect well my hair growth as they grew back in 20 days.laser only positively effects on... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Depliatory Burn Marks from my Cheeks and Chin?

I used depliatory on my face two years ago and my face still looks burnt, i am embarressed of my skin. I cover it with make-up. People say it dosent... READ MORE

I want riddance from discoloration on upper lip from recent laser hair removal. What are my options?

I am indian and have upper lip darkening from 2 months post laser hair removal. I have done cosmelan mask and have been using the cream from 1 month.... READ MORE

Two Brownish Spots on Each Cheek Bottom After Laser Hair Removal?

After my 2nd LHR session I used a mirror to look at the back side of my legs, to see how the sessions were progressing; but I found two light-brownish... READ MORE

How to Remove Thin Hair from Cheeks?

I want to know that i have thin n light hair in my cheeks area n doctor said that its not possible to remove those hair from laser. as laser is only... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal work on fine, visible, dark hair on face?

Does laser hair removal work on fine (still very visible), dark hair on cheeks, upper lip and chin area? I have light brown skin with dark hair. To be... READ MORE

Why don't people just use a hair dye to make light or grey hair dark thus enabling laser hair removal devices to work?

All laser hair removal devices say that they don't work on light or grey hairs, why not make this hair dark and avoid the problem? Lasers say they... READ MORE

How Long/how Many Times Ok to Use Hydroquinone 8%?

Hydroquinone 8% worked well to lighten up hyperpigmentation on my cheeks caused my laser hair removal and the settings being too hot. I want to go for... READ MORE

Blister after laser hair removal. Is there anything else I need to to? (photos)

I have a blister from laser hair removal as well as swollen cheeks. It started out filled with fluid but it has drained now. This was 5 days ago. I am... READ MORE

If I don't want to shave peach fuzz hair on my cheeks for laser hair removal session, is it pointless to do LHR on cheeks then?

I want lip only but Doc has set price all face,so thinkin to get all face. Skin:White/slight olive tone/black hair.Side of face, visible thin black... READ MORE

I had my face treated for hair removal. I had 2 treatments 3 weeks apart. The dark patch has increase. Any suggestions? (photos)

After 2nd treatment a dark patch appeared vertically down my right cheek. The Doctor treated this thrice with Skin Lightening Solution from Kalium.... READ MORE

Will laser hair removal giving me very bad acne ? (photos)

The past few months I have been going through laser hair removal on my whole face everytime I go through a session, I break out in a number of... READ MORE

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