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Can the Use of GoldBond on Skin Prior to Laser Hair Removal Cause Burns? (photo)

On my 6th laser hair removal session I believe I got burnt and not sure why. Session was not very painful but almost immediately after I was in severe... READ MORE

I Have Some Pain in my Wrist Bone After Doing 6 Treatments of Laser Hair Removal Why?

I Have Some Pain in my Wrist Bone After Doing 6 Treatments of Laser Hair Removal Why? READ MORE

Why are my leg hairs sharper after laser hair removal than before?

I just had my first session of laser hair removal on Monday aug 25 and I waited two days then shaved my legs. My leg hair grew quicker than normal and... READ MORE

I have blisters on vagina from laser hair removal?

I had my 5th sessions of lhr done on Saturday.Been 7 weeks since my last session.It hurt a bit more this time but I'm sure it was due to she had to... READ MORE

Loss of sensation in clitoris after laser hair removal

Since February I have been receiving 'hollywood' laser hair removal. I haven't felt any sense of stimulation during sex or masturbation since then. I... READ MORE

Could my vulvar melanoma be related to laser hair removal?

I was diagnosed with vulvar melanoma in 2010. I have had 3 surgeries to remove it and am about to undergo another one. I have never been in a tanning... READ MORE

I have belly button hair! Is there a way of removing it permanently?

I'm a teen girl and I have some hair around my belly button and little hairs on my feet and I was wondering is there a way of removing it permenently.... READ MORE

Questioning my decision about laser hair removal. Can multiple areas be done in 1 session? Will it scar lymphnode? Cause Cancer?

I found a deal on Groupon for LHR. I went on a consult and told them I wanted armpits, brazilian, happy trail, full legs and feet. It will be a master... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Upper Lip and Have Pain Over Teeth?

I did laser hair removal on my upper lip, 8 monts ago. And i still feel pain over 1, 2 teeth. Pain is constant, somethimes wake me, and during day... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Acne?

I started breaking out really bad after beginning a laser hair removal treatment. After a few treatments I stopped but the acne stayed even 18 months... READ MORE

Rashes After IPL Hair Removal, What's The Cause? (photo)

2 weeks ago I had an IPL for hair removal on my back. The IPL treatment felt quite burning and I felt that she did not take enough of the cooling gel... READ MORE

Is It the Laser Hair Removal That is Causing my Breakouts? (photo)

It’s been 1 yr since I’ve started laser on my face and neck. I’ve had 8 treatments and for the last 4 I’ve been breaking out... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal cause skin tags? I'm 23, female, doing laser hair removal in my genital area at a dermatologist clinic

I have completed my 4th session and the hair is becoming way less and soft. However, I have developed skin tags in the same area im doing the laser.... READ MORE

Horrible Hair Growth After Being Treated with a Laser, What Can I Do?

I have been treated with a laser for two years now. first of all, it's incredibly painful and i break out after each treatment. hair started to... READ MORE

Is Hyperhidrosis Caused by Laser Hair Removal Reversible?

I have developed severe axillary hyperhidrosis after laser hair removal. It seems to be irreversible, since I tried the laser 2 years ago. Do you know... READ MORE

Candela Gentlelase laser treatment is turning some of my hairs white! What could be causing this?

Three weeks after my first laser session using the Candela Gentlelase for my underarm hair and bikini area I have noticed some of my hairs are growing... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Works 7 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I had laser treatment for chest and abs hair removal. Immediately after there were these dark rounded circles all over my abs... Now they r fading... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Area to Get Darker and Sprout New Hair Growth?

I'm getting laser hair removal on my side burns & chin area. I've noticed my chin area has become darker than the rest of my skin and... READ MORE

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