Candela + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal - Palomar Icon, YAG or Candela?

I am interested in laser hair removal on my bikini area. I have consulted with 3 Dr. in my area. I am confused as which laser would be best suited for... READ MORE

I Had Laser Hair Removal with Candella Gentleyag and Broke out Why? How Do I Stop It from Happening Again?

Hello I had laser about 5 months ago.I had oily skin.As soon as I started laser hair removal I broke out with pus filled spots all over my face. I... READ MORE

Does the Candela GentleYAG Laser Work on Blonde Hair?

I am thinking about getting the hair on my legs removed. I believe I am a type 3. My hair is blonde, but not light blonde. Will the Candela GentleYAG... READ MORE

I got my 2nd treatment of laser hair removal on my underarms and have formed bumps. Will these go away on their own? (Photo)

The girl doing my laser treatment was new and didn't look like she knew what she was doing as she had to keep looking through binders to set up my... READ MORE

is 12 joules per squared centimer a high enough setting to trigger permanent hair removal on Candela Gentlelase Pro?

I'm getting laser hair removal at a clinic. I've had about 3 treatments but I've noticed that the nurse always keeps the setting at that level. I've... READ MORE

I Got my Tummy Lasered with Candela Gentle LASE and I Have Brown Spots All over Straight After?

Hi I got my tummy lasered hair removal with the candela gentle Lase straight after treatment I got brown spots all over It is sore :( Is it going to... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Candela Gentlelase, I Tried It for Five Time and Am Getting Alot of Ingrowns?

What is the best machine for ingrowns hair ? i have tried candela gentlelase but am getting alot of ingrowns especially my legs and arms ? i dont know... READ MORE

Switching from Lyra to Alexandrite?

31 y.o female (type 4), Indian origin, no medical conditions. At 1st session, first session, technician used Lyra (supposedly at type 6 settings) and... READ MORE

What exactly dietary supplements should one avoid while on laser hair treatments?

Hi, I'm a 25-year-old male doing laser treatments on my facial hair (beard), about thirteen treatments in thus far. The technician is using Candela... READ MORE

I have olive skin, what type of laser is recommended for brazilian hair removal?

I'm looking into getting laser hair removal for a brazilian and I'm having a hard time deciding to go with the Candela GentleYag or the Palomar. I'm... READ MORE

Will my skin recover after I was burned during laser hair removal treatment? (Photo)

I was burned by Candela Laser during my laser hair removal treatment last week. My legs were red and swollen, but I am recovering from that. However I... READ MORE

I have brown pigmentation on my neck after laser hair removal. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I got laser hair removal three weeks ago using a candela machine. Now I have brown pigmentation on my neck and face. Is this permanent? What can I do... READ MORE

PIH After Hair Removal Laser.Should I Continue HRL?

I am light coloured Indian.i had 2 sessions of hair removal with candela ndyag.i got PIH after 2 session.its been 3 months I am using obagi clear but... READ MORE

I have a rash on a tattoo after laser hair removal. Why is this? (Photo)

I had laser hair removal done using they candela laser. I just noticed weird spots on an old tattoo i have. Could this be them lasering the tattoo by... READ MORE

Hair Removal for Skin Type 3/4?

Hello i have visited the dermatologists and said i have skin type 3/4, and recommended me the candela gentle lase alexandrite laser hair removal on my... READ MORE

A beautician accidentally lasered over my beauty spot, will it come back? (Photo)

I had a Marilyn Munroe beauty spot above my lip (had it since i was 4 years old) I recently did laser hair removal and specifically said do not laser... READ MORE

What do you think is the best laser hair removal for light skin : e-Laser , alex or candela?

I want to know more about emotive laser comparing it with another laser machines And if i have a darker colour on upper lip would it go when removing... READ MORE

I still have visible hair follicules after 5 Candela laser sessions on setting 20 (brazilian). What would you suggest?

Hair do not grow back though. What should i do to fix and why it happened?I was using different laser on underamrs and legs (due to cost switched... READ MORE

Candela Gentlelase laser treatment is turning some of my hairs white! What could be causing this?

Three weeks after my first laser session using the Candela Gentlelase for my underarm hair and bikini area I have noticed some of my hairs are growing... READ MORE

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