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New Laser Hair Removal for Blonde and Gray Hair?

I was considering getting the new laser hair removal treatment on my face. It is called the 'Syneron Aurora Laser (Radio Frequency System)' and is... READ MORE

What Are the Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal with IPL?

After various consultations, I am super confused as to what the best option is for Laser hair removal. Some people push the fact that medical... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Work on my Olive Skin and Thick Hair? (photo)

I'm a 26 year old woman of Mediterranean descent. I have struggled with excessive body and facial hair since I was 8. I was put on birth control pills... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair on the Nose?

Whatis the best way for me to remove hair growing on the nose (not in the nose)? Electrolysis or  nd:yag or IPL? Some of the hairs are dark but... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal for Patient of East Indian Descent?

Can anyone tell me what type of laser I should ask for when getting Laser hair removal treatment? I am of East Indian descent and have not so fair skin. READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal System for Excessive Body Hair (Female)?

I am a female and i suffer from excessive hair all over my body(skintypeIII.dark hair follicle).During the past years my face was treated 12 times... READ MORE

Does Steroids Tablets Increase Body Hair Growth in Women?

HI am 21 years old i have seen an increase in my body hair growth but my periods were regular n normal but i was suffering from IIH [ Idiopathic... READ MORE

Best Laser for Hair Removal and Pigmentation?

I get a horrible pigmentation on my arms after any form of hair removal. Is there any laser or other treatment that can help me get rid of the... READ MORE

Is Elos Hair Removal Safe for Patient with Papillary Cancer Cyst History?

I had 2 operations. First, the cyst of thyroid was cut. Diagnosis was Papillary Cancer. I was 17 years old. In 2 months time, I had another operation,... READ MORE

Will dying blond body hair darker help with laser hair removal?

I know that laser hair removal works by the light and heat of the laser seeking out dark pigment of the hairs. I hear both that laser hair removal on... READ MORE

Body hair everywhere? What kind of doctor do I need to see?

Hello, I am 20 years old female and I'm covered with body hair. Most are dark but short and fine. Was like that since I hit puberty. I went to the... READ MORE

What's the best method of hair removal for person suffering from PCOS hirtuism?

I have excessive body hair all over, but the hair on my abdomen and back is the most bothersome/embarrassing. I have real pale skin and black hair... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to achieve permanent Body Hair Removal? (photos)

WHAT is The Best Way To Achieve The Best Result For Permanent Body Hair Removal? I'm Medium Skin Tone & Black Body Hair Color... -I Haven't Shave My... READ MORE

What are this tiny little bumps on on my arms? (photos)

I'm using Retin A 0.025% and 4% hydroquinone but it isn't helping. Could waxing be the culprit behind this. I have thick and lots of body hair. I'm... READ MORE

I want to know why I have so much body hair and how to get rid of it forever (or at least thin it[female])

Okay, so basically, I am horrendously hairy. It's caused me grief forever. I just want to feel good about myself, but it's just so gross with all this... READ MORE

Is Elite MPX Laser Hair Removal Machine Safest for Dark Skin?

Is the Elite MPX the safest laser machine for removing hair on people with dark skin and dark body hair? READ MORE

Advancements in Hair Removal for PCOS Patients?

I've had PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) most of my adult life. Through weight loss surgery, I am no longer overweight but the facial hair is... READ MORE

Hirsutism / Excess Body Hair (PCOS)?

I suffer hirsutism as a symptom of PCOS. Home removal including shaving, waxing/plucking & depilation leave rashes/irritation, cuts & scars. I... READ MORE

How to reduce the hair growth of body and legs in men? (Photo)

I want to know any medicine to reduce the excess hair growth on body and legs of male body. If their is any, please precribe the same. READ MORE

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