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Laser Hair Removal for Folliculitis?

Unfortunately from constant shaving and what I guess is sensitive skin, I am now having a problem with folliculitis on my legs, and I was thinking of... READ MORE

Best Way of Removing Breast Hair?

I am 27 years old and have hair on my breasts. What is the best way to permanently remove the hair without scarring? READ MORE

IPL Hair Reduction Not Advisable for Someone with PCOS?

I just bought Boots IPL hair reduction system, but it says that if you have PCOS, you should not use it. Why is this? READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Induce Hair Growth in Surrounding Areas?

I am North Indian (not very fair but not dark either), and have fine dark hair growing on my neck (more towards the jawline). Is it possible to get... READ MORE

What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Men?

I want to remove hair from the whole body (chest, back) and I am not limited in funds .I am looking for the most innovative technology for Men’s... READ MORE

When Using YAG, What Would Be the Right Fluence (Energy) in Terms of Joules Per Cm2?

Will This Fluence Differe According to the area that you want to treat? I paid for 7 sessions to treat my whole body. I have an olive skin tone (a... READ MORE

I want to remove full body hair permanently. Is it possible?

I want to remove hair from my body permanently specially from my secret boby parts. Is it possible,if possible then what is the cost of this full body... READ MORE

Is Elos Hair Removal Safe for Patient with Papillary Cancer Cyst History?

I had 2 operations. First, the cyst of thyroid was cut. Diagnosis was Papillary Cancer. I was 17 years old. In 2 months time, I had another operation,... READ MORE

Facial and Body Hair Removal Advice?

I get my face waxed at the beauty salon, and before I never used to get any spots, but having to wax my face is making my face all spotty. I have very... READ MORE

How much would it cost to do a full body Hair Removal? How long will it last?

I want to do a full body hair removal but i'm considering about how much it will cost ? and is it for whole life or just for one year ? READ MORE

How long is a laser hair removal session for the whole body?

In one session, how long would it take to remove hair from the entire body? READ MORE

I'm getting a full body laser hair removal session in ONE day... is this safe?

Is it safe for your WHOLE body to undergo a laser hair removal session in one sitting?? I was told to shave my entire body to undergo a full body... READ MORE

Can I Continue with Laser Hair Removal While on Roaccutane?

I was prescribed Roaccutane. However, I am also coming up to my 4th session for laser hair removal on full body apart from my face. Is it ok to... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis - What Should I Get?

How long would it take to get laser hair removal all over the body? and how long would electrolysis take? i want to permanently remove hair all over... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Just for Hair Reduction?

Can I use laser hair removal to reduce hair, but not completely remove it? READ MORE

Cost of Double-pass Laser Hair Removal?

I'm a 62-year old man wanting monthly double-pass laser hair removal from my face to my toes and every area in between. I'm looking for a place and... READ MORE

Can I do a laser for my whole body in the same session?

I am 23 yo girl, i have PCO, i have a dark hair and light skin (type II maybe). can i do in the same diod laser session my whole body and face ?... READ MORE

I want to know which laser is better; deka synchro laser or gentle laser?

Hello, i want to know which laser is better ? deka synchro laser or gentle lase? i have light skin and dark hair and i want to make full body hair... READ MORE

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