Black + Laser Hair Removal

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Pepperspots on Chin and Cheek After Laser Hair Removal?

I recently got a laser hair removal done on my face and a couple of days after getting it done I realize that I have theses black dots aka pepperspots... READ MORE

Ethnic Skin Facial Hair Removal on Chin

What is the best hair removal method for facial chin hair removal on black, sensitive skin? READ MORE

1 day post op Laser Hair Removal, I have burns and black marks around the anus. Is this normal? (photos)

I did laser hair removal yesterday and it hurt A LOT. I feel fine now it doesn't hurt but after inspecting my body I noticed huge black scary marks... READ MORE

I Had Undergone Lower Face Hair Removal a Couple of Months Back, but I'm Constantly Getting Eruptions in That Area?

My entire lower face is now covered with black spots which are the is only after the laser treatment that this is happening.....pls... READ MORE

Had over 30 laser hair removal treatments using nd yag cynosure but it's not working. Any suggestions?

LHR changed those thick dark hair into finer hair but they are still very visible as its black in colour. I have my treatment every 6 weeks on my face... READ MORE

I'm black and I have a face burn from Laser Hair Removal, will it heal? (photos)

I have had laser hair removal before and this is my first time getting burnt. I felt the laser was too strong, but she said it's normal and kept going... READ MORE

Is there a laser that works on black people? (Photos)

Last tried laser 10 years ago & didn't work. Are there better ones out now? I have on chin like a goatee and I want to have these hairs removed.... READ MORE

I'm a 55 year old female with a beard - will Laser Hair Removal work for me?

I've got thick black/ white hair from neck to chin and sideburns & the corners of my mouth.A beard that if left unshaven for 1 day will show heavy... READ MORE

Please help. Will this go away? Looks worse than having hair under my arms. (photos)

Hi I got my 4th laser hair treatment 2 days ago under my arms, while getting this done didn't seem to hurt that bad,but on my drive home I notice my... READ MORE

Is it advisable to shift from ND yag to Soprano Laser after 6 sessions of hair removal on legs? I'm light skinned Indian female

The technician feels that large clumps of black but finer- than- before hair will be removed better with Soprano. I've completed 6 sessions and 1... READ MORE

Unwanted hair on my upper lip - waxed it and it grows and the area looks black - home remedies? (photos)

I have unwanted hair on my upper lip l waxed that again it grows and that place looks black please tell me home remedies to reduce hair and black... READ MORE

Will dermaplaning cause by blonde peachfuzz to grow back black and course?

Based on my research online, the answer is no however I've been told by an aesthetician that it will, she has seen this in some client. I'm 41 now but... READ MORE

I'm pulling out hairs, strange skin reaction and belly area remains the same, what's going on? (Photos)

Hey It's been 12 days since I went for 4th session on my beard and 3rd on belly area. Machine is called Cynosure, uses Aleksandrite. My middle and... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Gave Left Me with a Black Spot. I Scratched It off and Now Am Worried I Have a Scar? (photo)

I have brown skin and am of Indian descent. One day I scratched the spot repeatedly and the skin just peeled off. There was no blood loss though. Now,... READ MORE

I have suddenly developed white bumps under my chin. (photo)

They are a mix of whiteheads and small white pimples with no pus or redness. They are only visible when I suck my lips in (as seen in the picture) I... READ MORE

Good laser hair removal provider in the Massachusetts Area, specifically in Boston. One for black skin.

I had a few sessions at care laser until it liquidated and stole my money. I need a good quality affordable place or person. READ MORE

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