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What's the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The clinics near me offer a number of different laser machines. names like Light Sheer, IPL, Yag, Duet, Cool Glide.  What do the medical expert... READ MORE

What is the Best Method for Permanent Hair Removal on Eyebrows?

I had LHR done on other parts of my face - which wasn't permanent - and they would touch my eyebrow area - is there any method that can be used... READ MORE

Is GentleMax Laser the Best for Hair Removal?

I have several areas i want to remove hair from. i want to use only the best possible laser. is gentle max the best? if not, what is? thankyou v. much! READ MORE

What's the Best Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal or electrolysis or ipl? READ MORE

Best Laser System for Dense, Dark Back Hair with Light Skin?

My 18 year old son is in desperate need of laser hair removal on his back. It is very dense and dark. His skin is light. What is the best laser system... READ MORE

What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Men?

I want to remove hair from the whole body (chest, back) and I am not limited in funds .I am looking for the most innovative technology for Men’s... READ MORE

Best Hair Removal Laser for a Latin Girl?

I want to start a laser hair removal treatment. But I am not sure which is the best laser for me. My hair is dark and my background is latin. My skin... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal System for Excessive Body Hair (Female)?

I am a female and i suffer from excessive hair all over my body(skintypeIII.dark hair follicle).During the past years my face was treated 12 times... READ MORE

Best laser hair removal machine (professional not at home) of 2016?

What is the best laser on the market as of 2016? Here is a description of my hair type (Under arms moderately thick dark hair) (Lower legs- moderately... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Options

I'm interested in having full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal. Which laser should I look for? Is there a brand of laser that is superior to others?... READ MORE

Which laser machine is best? I am tired of wasting money and getting nothing. (photos)

Hello Which machine would you recommend best for hair removal? The " Epilia RF (320W 808nm Diode Plus RF Hair Removal )" or the Gentle-Lase pro? Diode... READ MORE

What is the best laser treatment for fair skin and dark thin hair for maximum results?

I treated my legs that had dark hair and fair skin with lightsheer many years ago (2000-2002) and till this day have perfect results, I don't have any... READ MORE

Best laser machine?

Hello I wanted to have a laser hair removal and there are too many clinics and too many machines.. I wanted to know which is the best? I heart candela... READ MORE

Laser hair removal for African American woman with seborrhic dermatitis. (photo)

I want to get laser hair removal for my chin and under arms. I am African American with dark skin what laser would work best for me? I also have... READ MORE

Laser hair removal with GentleMax caused increased and darker hair growth on my sideburns and now down to my jaw line. (photo)

(I have had 4 treatments so far.) Should I continue treatments with Gentle Max? The place I go to says this is just a side effect and I should... READ MORE

What is the Best laser hair removal treatment?

I am a 47 year old woman of Indian origin. Which laser hair removal treatment is best for me? I am fair with black hair. Almost like middle eastern... READ MORE

Is there any effective laser hair removal treatment for my hair/skin tone? (photo)

Please i have that fine grey hair and i want to know if it's possible to get treated by laser, and if so, i'd like to know which laser machine (brand... READ MORE

Best Laser for Stubborn Facial Hair?

I've had a few laser treatments and it seems I have MORE hair now, than when I started. :( READ MORE

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