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Is It Ok to Take Painkillers Before Waxing?

I've had some people tell me to take ibuprofin or acetomenphin before I get waxed.... but I've had other aestheticians tell me not to because... READ MORE

How Long Do The Burn Spots of Laser Hair Removal Stay on my Skin...I Am So Worried (photo)

I have done it before and never got such a problem...I am so afraid its gonna stay forever...this was my 5th time and only this time I got such a bad... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Fine Hairs?

I've just finished my 5th treatment by Coolglide for my arms, underarms, legs, tummy and face. The results have been really good. My skin type is V.... READ MORE

I'm a girl and I have a hairy face. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 17 year old girl and I literally have hair everywhere! On my face, neck, chest, back, stomach, hands, etc. it's not feminine and it makes... READ MORE

Is Laser Hair Removal Recommend for Patients with Eczema?

I am a 30 yo male with eczema on my back and was considering laser hair removal for my back. Is it recommended, any possible negative effects for my... READ MORE

When Can I Do Laser Hair Removal After Tanning?

I tanned a month ago and the dr told me to wait for 20 days is it enough? and i have a lot of light hair in the end of my back ,,the dr told me she is... READ MORE

Will These Burn Marks from LHR Heal Without Scarring? (photo)

I was on my 8th laser treatment when my treating MD increased the energy from 25J to 30J with a Gentlelase Alexandrite laser. I received burns on my... READ MORE

Best Laser System for Dense, Dark Back Hair with Light Skin?

My 18 year old son is in desperate need of laser hair removal on his back. It is very dense and dark. His skin is light. What is the best laser system... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Help Back Acne Due to Hair Growth?

I get acne on my back due to hair growth, can the laser treatment be solution for that? I tried waxing my back once and when hair started growing back... READ MORE

Will the Scars Go Away From Laser Hair Removal On My Lower Back? (photo)

I got laser hair removal treatment on my lower back on March 12th and my back is severely burned. I have attached pictures below. Will the scars be... READ MORE

How Can I Stop Folliculitis From Spreading Every Time I Get Laser Hair Removal?

Ever since I've started getting laser hair removal on my back, shoulders, and nape of neck I've been experiencing what has been diagnosed by multiple... READ MORE

Does Hair Removed by Laser Hair Removal Grow Back?

Is there anyway to grow back hair that I had removed with laser hair removal? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Folliculitis?

I had some few folliculitis on my back of the head before 2 years. I had it checked from times to times .But it couldnt help to cure .Now there are... READ MORE

Is laser hair removal a good choice for a 15 year old, wanting long-term results?

I am 15 and would like laser hair removal on my back, stomach and legs. Would this be a good choice or would the results be temporary considering my age? READ MORE

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Back?

Had first treatment of laser hair removal on my back a week ago. All went fine but couple days in i noticed that my shirts cling a little bit to the... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Male (Early 20's) Has Led to More Hair on His Back, Not Less. What's the Next Step?

The PA at the dermatologist office said that unfortunately he seems to be the victim of paradoxical hair growth; They even contacted the "laser"... READ MORE

The Best Machine Laser / IPl / or Electrosys for FINE Dark Hair on the Face and Neck, Back and Chest in Women ?

What is the best machine of laser hair removal for FINE dark hair on White light skin ? I was told that laser is no good for fine hair on the face or... READ MORE

Rashes After IPL Hair Removal, What's The Cause? (photo)

2 weeks ago I had an IPL for hair removal on my back. The IPL treatment felt quite burning and I felt that she did not take enough of the cooling gel... READ MORE

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