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Laser Hair Removal on 15-16 Year Old: Any Risks?

I'm 15yo turning 16 in a bit and I want to have laser hair removal on my bikini, armpit and arm area. My parents don't agree with me having... READ MORE

In What Age my Daughter Can Start Laser Hair Removal?

My daughter is 11 years old and she hasn't get her period yet since she is still young for that but she has alot of hair in her legs and arms.Can she... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn, Will This Leave a Scar? (Photos)

4 days ago i did laser hair removal on my arms and i got this scabs, i put on antibiotic as soon as i got home but now im really scared is this going... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Help Keratosis Pilaris?

I have kp pretty bad on my upper arms and makes me very self conscious. Will laser hair removal get rid of the kp or at least make it better? Are... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Only Works for Hair in the Anagen Phase?

I've never shaved my arms because I'm afraid it'll appear thicker when it grows so since the hair was there for many years, it should be... READ MORE

Had Laser Hair Removal 2 While 2 Weeks Pregnant?

On the bikini, lower stomach, legs and arms . It was the day I was supposed to have my period so I didn't know I was pregnant. I'm so scared! READ MORE

I Wanna Only Go for One Session of Laser Hair Removal?

I am a guy who wants to do lower arms but only one session , the machine being used is soprano xl. my question is how much long term results if any... READ MORE

My 8 year old son has lot of hairs on his arms and legs. When is the right age for hair removal and what method would be best?

We did the hormones testing ( find FSH ratio etc) everything seems to be normal. Doctor advised it is hereditary ( may genetic). Need to know from the... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Arms and Tanning?

I had a session of laser hair removal done on Saturaday(full arms), my techician told me to stay out of the sun for 2-3 days, the very next day i... READ MORE

My hair after laser treatment became thicker and darker! What can I do to get rid of it?

I did almost 10 sessions of laser to all of my body, some places the hair disappeared like in my legs and under arms, but in my face chest and the... READ MORE

Why does chin hair grow back so fast?

Please help! What is the reason that chin hair grows back so freakishly fast, even after removing it with an epilator which is supposed to keep hair... READ MORE

Will these laser hair removal burns go away? (photos)

Please give them some advice as to what I should do, just happened today and my arms are killing me. READ MORE

Do You Recommend Candela Gentlelase, I Tried It for Five Time and Am Getting Alot of Ingrowns?

What is the best machine for ingrowns hair ? i have tried candela gentlelase but am getting alot of ingrowns especially my legs and arms ? i dont know... READ MORE

I went for my 1st Laser Hair Removal and did my arms, can I go swimming at the beach 2 days after the treatment?

Full arms laser treatment and i dont know when is it ok to go to swim at the beach. It's the 2nd day after i got the treatment. should i wait more... READ MORE

How Should I Treat Burns?

I Had Laser Hair Removal Done Using Light Sheer Duet and I Am Burned. I have medium dark skin with black hair and she started using setting six but I... READ MORE

Laser hair removal break for summer?

I plan to have laser hair removal for brazilian bikini, arms, legs, happy trail and underarms. If I start in early March, I would plan to stop on... READ MORE

Is a burn a normal side effect of Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I got laser hair removal on my arms and I've come up with red/ dark red patches. Is this normal or are they burns? They feel just ever so slightly... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal help Keratosis Polaris?

I have Keratosis Polaris all over my arm,sholders,legs and buttocks. I read that removing the hair by laser helps..does it really? And does it remove... READ MORE

I have keratosis pilaris all over my legs and upper arms ; will laser hair removal help ? (photos)

I have this red bumps all ove my legs and so much ingrown hairs and even when i shave or wax you can still see the the red bumps and i'm so embaressed... READ MORE

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