Age 35-44 + Laser Hair Removal

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Permanent Five O Clock Shadow?

I am a 35 year old mail and over the past couple of years I have developed a permanent five o'clock shadow on my face. Even right after I shave, and... READ MORE

Upper Lip Hyperpigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

I have developed hyperpigmentation on my upper lip area after 9 laser hair removal treatments. For the past 4 years, I have tried hydroquinone 4%,... READ MORE

Im a Female Diagnosed with Hirsutism at Age 14; Will I Have This 'Condition' Forever?

I am now 35; before laser treatments I was super EXTREMELY hairy, LHR was/is a 98% succes and I am beyond happy with the outcome. I have been using... READ MORE

Is Elos Hair Removal Safe for Patient with Breast Cancer History?

I'm 37 years old. I had breast cancer five years ago. I had lumpectomy and 11 lymphatic glands were removed, one of them was infected. I got... READ MORE

How to Treat Pigmentation After Hair Removal Laser?

I'm 35 years old teacher & i've got 5 kids. last year, i did botox in my forehead & some fillers around my face. I had around 5-6 hair removal... READ MORE

I'm a 39y/o woman and I get facial hair on my chin I have tried the laser treatment for several month's and that did not work?

What else can I do to permanently remove the hair it is ruining my life and causing painful hair bumps READ MORE

My laser hair removal doctor is recommending a third year of treatments. Is this too much?

I am a 39 year old male of Eastern European background. I just finished my second year of laser hair removal from my back. I was going every 6 weeks... READ MORE

Have Had 16 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal. Should I Expect Results from Additional Sessions?

I am a 41 yo, white male. Over past 4 years, I had 16 lhr sessions on under arms, chest, abdomen, shoulders and lower back at 3 different salons. I... READ MORE

I'm An Ideal Laser Hair Removal Candidate, So Why Do I Have So Much Hair Regrowth & So Little Reduction After 27 Procedures?

I'm a 35-year-old white male with very pale skin & dark body hair. I'm experiencing A LOT of regrowth in my body & facial hair after THREE... READ MORE

36 year female shaved my face 17 years what do I expect after my 3 laser treatment? (Photos)

I've had 3 laser treatments, but after each treatment my hair grows back thicker for about 4 days. I have noticed that my shadow is not as visible... READ MORE

I am a 39-year-old caucasian male with dark hair and thick beard. I'm evaluating laser hair removal for removing my beard.

Is the hair removal permanent, or will hair eventually grow back? How many treatments are generally required to fully clear the face—the normal 5-6, o... READ MORE

I've undergone no 1 of 8 sessions of laser hair removal to my full body and the pain is excruciating.

The administering clinic is NHS (UK) affiliated and is operated by a fully qualified technician. The problem is the tremendous pain I felt during the... READ MORE

Will dermaplaning cause by blonde peachfuzz to grow back black and course?

Based on my research online, the answer is no however I've been told by an aesthetician that it will, she has seen this in some client. I'm 41 now but... READ MORE

I've down thyriodectomy due to cancer 1 year ago can I have laser hair removal? And Micropigmentation for my eyebrowes?

I have down iodine therapy 8 monthes ago, and my blood test are good now, I'm a 38 years old woman and I love to look and feel better. My doctor told... READ MORE

$3000 for full body hair removal laser?

Male 37 dark skin very hairy. Quoted $3000 for full body hair removal with a candela 18mm laser by a local laser hair removal spa here in Austin tx.... READ MORE

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