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Will Insurance Cover Laser Hair Removal for Chronic Folliculitis?

I'm a 21-year-old male, on antibiotics every 2-3 weeks for the infections that get very bad and painful without treatment. I also have extreme... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Asian to Bleach Facial Hair in Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Can I bleach my facial hair between my laser hair removal treatments? I m 20 yrs old, Asian, fair skinned, female in Middle East. I suffer from dark... READ MORE

Best Laser System for Dense, Dark Back Hair with Light Skin?

My 18 year old son is in desperate need of laser hair removal on his back. It is very dense and dark. His skin is light. What is the best laser system... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Acne Reaction. I Need an Effective Treatment Please (photo)

I'm 24 years old female and before two years i did a laser hair removal for may face 6 times,and in at the same period i were doing a derma-roller... READ MORE

Can I have laser hair removal done on all of private areas, meaning buttocks anus gouch balls penis and stomach area?

I am a 21 year old male with dark brown hair easily tanned complexion who would like a profesional opinion on how effective laser hair removal will be... READ MORE

Can Vitiligo patient have laser hair removal?

Dear Doctor, i am 24 year male i have a small patch of vitiligo and i want to have laser hair removal for my chest and abdomen . is this dangerous for... READ MORE

Can I undergo laser hair removal or/and electrolysis hair removal for my face when I'm using perscribed acne medication?

Hi, I'm a 21 year old south asian female who has hair on the face. The hair on the ball of the chin and under my face are inches long while the hair... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Hairs in my Face

Hello doctors i looking for a good treatment for remove hairs in my face because my age 23 but am looking like older because of hairs i decided to... READ MORE

If I don't shave before laser hair removal what's the worse that can happen ? Please I have to know if the technician is wrong

When i went in for my consulatation today at a new facility I was told to NOT shave the area I'm getting lasered because the technician said she... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Men (Thinning/reducing Hair)?

I'm a male, age 19, and I'm quite hairy all over. I'm very interested in getting hair PERMANENTLY removed just on my neck, back, pubic & butt area... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Fair Skinned British Indian?

I'm a British Indian guy with unsightly hair on face on the upper cheeks.  I have fair skin for an Indian as I live in England so sun exposure is... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Laser Hair Removal Not Working?

I am 18 years old and of Persian descent, and I've been plagued with the worst possible body hair a 'normal' girl can get, and so I'm... READ MORE

No Results Obtained After 5 Sittings of Diode Laser Plus 6 Sittings of Yag Laser, What to Do?

I have already taken 11sittings for facial hair removal but hair growth comes again with in 2months of the treatment. I am having dark toned skin. I... READ MORE

What can I do about hirsutism?

I'm am 18 and i believe I have hirsutism. I have excessive amounts of hair ALL over my body! They are thick and dark I also sweat a lot and have some... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Chest Hair on 19-year-old Man?

Is 19 years old an appropriate age to do laser on the chest or should he wait a couple of years because the chest hairs are still growing in? READ MORE

What Can Be Done on Few Hair in Jaw Area?

Hi, I am 19 years old and I have few facial hair on my jaw. As I have a fair complexion, it looks and feel so bad, so please suggest me what I can do... READ MORE

I have been dealing with hirsutism for 6 years. What is my best treatment option? (Photo)

I suffer from PCOS and hirisutism. Age group 18-25. I grow excessive and dark hair on the back of my thigh, chest, stomach and face. I get sugar hair... READ MORE

Does Steroids Tablets Increase Body Hair Growth in Women?

HI am 21 years old i have seen an increase in my body hair growth but my periods were regular n normal but i was suffering from IIH [ Idiopathic... READ MORE

Can restoring hormonal balance get rid of excessive hair on female body?

I am a 20-year old female. I've noticed hair growth on my face, chest, abdomen, and arms over the past three months or so. I'm assuming that this is... READ MORE

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