Acne + Laser Hair Removal

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Breakouts from Laser Hair Removal

I developed a horrible breakout from GentleLase, and didn't have great results with Aurora. When using the GentleLase the resulting breakouts were... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Help in Preventing Acne?

I know that the cause of acne is overactive sebaceous glands. If I get Laser hair removal, will the glands get damaged in the process? If not, is... READ MORE

I'm having a severe breakout after a Facial Laser hair removal. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Recently done my third last hair removal on my face, it bury worse than the first two and my face seems to have broken out with sever acne? The first... READ MORE

Spots and Acne After Laser Hair Removal on Face? (photo)

So many spots have appeared on my neck and face after my treatments. my technician says theyre probably due to me taking pamprin a few hours before my... READ MORE

Accutane During Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

I started my laser hair removal treatments 2 years ago, and last month, I started taking accutane (this is my 2nd month). Can I continue my laser hair... READ MORE

Is There a Reason That my Daughter Cannot Take Ampicillin While Receiving Laser Hair Removal?

My daughter takes 500 mg ampicillin daily for acne.The laser hair removal spa where she has an appointment said that she had to stop the ampicillin... READ MORE

Minocycline and Laser Hair Removal?

Hi, I am a 33 years old female. I’ve been taking minocycline to control my acne for a month now. I want to start IPL hair removal treatment next m... READ MORE

Glycolic Peels in Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

I have been getting pimples (including 3-4 deep ones) and whiteheads on my cheeks and neck, at the time when my hair is shedding. Almost all the dried... READ MORE

Can I undergo laser hair removal or/and electrolysis hair removal for my face when I'm using perscribed acne medication?

Hi, I'm a 21 year old south asian female who has hair on the face. The hair on the ball of the chin and under my face are inches long while the hair... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Help Back Acne Due to Hair Growth?

I get acne on my back due to hair growth, can the laser treatment be solution for that? I tried waxing my back once and when hair started growing back... READ MORE

3 months post op of Accutane, can I have Laser Hair Removal?

Hello i was wandering if i could have laser hair removal 3 months after accutane.My doctor said i can have it 3 months after accutane is finished.I... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use GentleMax Laser for Hair Removal if I Have Acne?

I have acne in my face and I'm planning to get laser hair removal on my face with a GentleMax laser. Will it be safe or do I have to wait to get... READ MORE

Laser or Electrolysis? I have been told, electrolysis is forever and laser requires maintenance appointments?

I have psoriasis, rosacea, acne/cystic acne combined and now dark facial hairs. What is the best way to treat the acne and dark facial hair? I have... READ MORE

I had fourth sitting for face laser and after one month I have an acne breakout. (Photo)

After taking oral n topical antibiotics for one month the acne are still breaking out. Please suggest READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Acne?

I started breaking out really bad after beginning a laser hair removal treatment. After a few treatments I stopped but the acne stayed even 18 months... READ MORE

Facial Laser Hair Removal, Breakout Acne or Folliculitis?

Hi, I am 28, female, never had acne before. I am having facial hair removal and have done 6th sessions so far. Since my 3rd treatment my skin has... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal over Areas with Pre Existing Scars / Acne? (photo)

I recently had some laser hair removal done on my upper lip and I noticed I got a deep scar from the procedure, although Im not too sure if it was... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Have the Potential to Lessen Acne?

I'm curious if having laser hair removal would reduce the presence of acne. By removing the hair from the pore, I suppose it does two things: 1)... READ MORE

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