3 Days Post-op + Laser Hair Removal

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What Caused my Red Itchy Bumps/rash on my Legs After my Second Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

I had my second lower leg laser hair removal treatment 3 days ago. The first treatment, no issues. This treatment, I woke up thr next morning with... READ MORE

3 days post op Bikini hair removal, I got so many white bumps in vaginal area. It hurts and its itchy. Any suggestion? (photo)

I used Rivanol disinfection and Mupirocin ointment from today as my doctor said. The hair removal laser was I2PL and it required gels, maybe i was... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal at Upper Lip?

3 Days ago i got my first laser hair removal procedure at my upper lip. After a day of the procedure seem that my lip started to get red and with... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal - Looks Like Scars, Are They Permanent? (photo)

I got the Laser hair removal on my legs couple of days back. I still have some bumps on my legs, and they look like scars and blisters now. Am I at a... READ MORE

How to Treat Burn Discolorations from IPL Hair Removal Treatment on Bikini Area?

I've gotten the laser hair removal treatment on my bikini area on Friday (today is Sunday) with the IPL machine. I am a light-skinned Asian and... READ MORE

These brown spots developed after laser hair removal treatment, feels itchy, will they go away? (photos)

I got my laser hair removal treatment done 3 days ago, and technician lasered me at a higher setting as I haven't seen much improvement in hair... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about these inflamed follicles after my last laser treatment? (Photos)

I had a laser treatment done on my arms and legs about 3 days ago and I am still feeling itchy. My skin has been inflamed and bumpy around certain... READ MORE

Will the burn marks from Laser Hair Removal in my underarm fade or will this be permanent? (photo)

I went for an laser underarm hair removal 3 days ago and I got burn marks from it. I'm worried that it might not fade or it will leave a darker tone... READ MORE

Should my treated hair be shedding?

I had my first laser hair removal 3 days ago on full leg.... I only experienced a tingling feeling in about 5% of total area done. I shaved prior and... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had laser hair removal on Wednesday am the 14th. I had a significant burn on my left leg. Most of it has gone down but today 2 days later I still... READ MORE

I did laser hair removal 3 days ago (this was my 5th session) and I got burned really bad right next to my anus (Photo)

This photo was taken today, 3 days after the burn. I called the office and they told me that can happen and to put neosporin and aquaphor on it to... READ MORE

What treatment should I use for this laser hair removal burn? (Photo)

Hi , 3 days ago i had laser hair removal of my thigh and i got the sever burn , i cant even walk and go to work i used BEPANTHIN FIRST DAY 2 time... READ MORE

Will my post laser burns/marks clear? I have been doing laser for many years but recently moved to a new technician. (Photo)

I had laser hair removal performed 3 days ago and my neck has got marks/burns which appeared as soon as I reached home after the treatment. I have... READ MORE

Normal pain and irritation?

First full session done on Sat. we are now tues This time he pain was excruciating. I took 400mg ibuprofen 30 mins or so beforehand no topical... READ MORE

I did laser on my upper lips and chin three days ago. It seems like my hair is growing faster

I did laser on my upper lips and chin three days ago. It seems like my hair is growing faster and very visiable .Is it normal after first treatment.I... READ MORE

Soprano Xl First Laser Treatment Effects after 3 days with Red Bumps. Should I get a Second Treatment? (photos)

Hi, i had my first laser treatment 3 days ago, next day i woke up itching and saw that i had red bumps (which looked like spots) all over my legs.... READ MORE

scars and scabs just above my upper lip and my chin from laser hair removal - Permanent? (photo)

Hi. i had a laser hair removal 3 days ago and was left with tiny scars or scabs, which make my appearance look very bad, because i've also got acne... READ MORE

Laser Treatment. Pain in my ankles?

I had laser hair removal on my lowers legs 3 days ago. The day after I could barely walk. The pressure in my in my ankles is really sore. There is... READ MORE

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