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Laser Genesis for Sun Damaged Skin? (photo)

I am scheduled to have 4-6 Laser Genesis (Cutera) treatments to reduce a generalized, diffused redness to my skin and restore the milky complexion I... READ MORE

Laser Genesis for Uneven Skin Tone?

I have pretty good skin, but have some uneveness and light redness (broken capillaries) from old pimple scars. I am a 30 year old Asian woman and do... READ MORE

Will Laser Genesis Get Rid of Red Patches from a Chemical Peel?

I had a TCA 20% peel done about 2 weeks ago. The doctor had me used a Petroleum based ointment for 5 days and then a hydrocortisone 1% ointment for... READ MORE

Can I get Laser Genesis while pregnant?

I'm self conscious about residual redness from past breakouts and have been told Laser Genesis will help with the redness. However, I am also trying... READ MORE

Laser Genesis and Possible Drug Reaction?

I have scheduled a series of laser genesis each two weeks apart to treat light acne scarring and diffuse redness. I also take sulfamet daily for... READ MORE

Are the results from Laser Genesis permanent after several treatments?

My doctor has treated me with 6 laser genesis sessions to treat redness/inflammation on my face post full co2 skin resurfacing. I find that it helps... READ MORE

Does skin damage from laser genesis heal overtime?

Hii, I got like 6 laser genesis in a year's time, what I have been noticing is that my face has gotten redder and it's way more sensitive than before,... READ MORE

Can Laser Genesis damage my skin 1 month after a mechanical dermabrasion ?

Hi, I am a 23 old man and I did a mecanical dermabrasion on my forehead 3 weeks ago but now I have large pores and some redness. Therefore I would... READ MORE

Can this be cleared with laser genesis even with low settings? (photos)

In this pictures my rosacea has gotten worst the redness you see are tiny broken capillaries, can laser genesis be effective in treating this, my skin... READ MORE

Laser Genesis - results from one treatment?

I'm thinking of starting out with one laser genesis treatment and would like to know if I'll see results from just one treatment? If so would it be 20... READ MORE

Follow-up question: Does Laser Genesis really stimulate collagen and more?

Hi does a series of laser genesis really stimulate collagen that shows visible texture changes that you have seen in person? not just where h/e stains... READ MORE

Which works better at stimulating collagen icon 1540 Xd or laser Genesis ?

I know fractional laser like icon 1540 Xd stimulate more collagen than non ablative like laser Genesis . But in this scenario which would stimulate... READ MORE

Laser Genesis vs IPL for diffuse redness and collagen, does it help at all?

For skin type 3 for diffuse redness, no visible vessels. does 1064 help with this at all? compared to ipl like max g? also how are each for collagen... READ MORE

1064 laser. short pulse microsecond vs long pulse millisecond?

For 1064 laser. short pulse microsecond vs long pulse millisecond. what is difference and indication used for tese 2 different types of 1064 lasers,... READ MORE

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